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NA LCS 2017 Summer Split Week 1 – Upset Overload! - Esportsranks
NA LCS 2017 Summer Split Week 1 – Upset Overload!

The NA LCS 2017 Summer Split week 1 – definitely an anomaly. Nobody expected this many upsets. Not even the underdogs who staged them. Here’s Esportsranks’ short overview of the action that unfolded.

NA LCS 2017 Summer Split Week 1

DAY 1 (June 2)

C9 vs. CLG – 1:2

The opening series of the Day 1 started madly right away. Despite losing the first match, CLG’s newfound aggression led by Darshan and Dardoch demolished C9 in the next two games for a 2-1 series victory.

IMT vs. P1 – 2:1

Immortals went the distance against Spring Split 3rd place team Phoenix1. Losing the first match in a similar fashion as CLG before, they smashed through P1’s confused roster in game 2. A somewhat closer game 3 went their way as well for a final 2-1 series score.

Full day 1 recap

DAY 2 (June 3)

CLG vs. TL – 2:0

After CLG’s convincing victory against C9, it was clear TL had very little chance against them. They parried equally in most teamfights, but CLG’s clever lane pushing and shotcalling was too much to burden. A 2-0 final score for CLG was more than expected.

FOX vs. FLY – 2:0

Just as everybody thought there were no more surprises, in comes Echo Fox vs. FlyQuest. Both teams showed marked improvement. However, even with WildTurtle on their side, FlyQuest was unable to stop the eventual 0-2 series loss. The second game was particularly wild and memorable, with FlyQuest surviving the full-on onslaught of super minions and Echo Fox players for almost 10 minutes.

TSM vs. C9 – 2:0

Shaken by the opening series loss to CLG, C9 were unable to overpower their long-time rivals TSM. In both games, C9’s unrecognizable roster failed to challenge TSM in any meaningful way. In the end, it was a relatively easy opening series for TSM with a 2-0 final score.

DIG vs. NV

The clash between the two teams in the lower half of the group stage went the distance. First 2 matches saw both teams trading wins relatively easily. The decisive third match lasted for full 52 minutes, with both teams fighting fiercely to the last minion. In the end, Team Dignitas got the win, which was somewhat expected based on both teams’ Spring Split performances.

NA LCS 2017 Summer Split Week 1

Via Twitch

Full day 2 recap

DAY 3 (June 4)

IMT vs. TSM – 2:0

In a more than convincing show of pure dominance, IMT trashed TSM for arguably the biggest upset of the entire week! The junglers trade with CLG really benefited both teams immensely. Xmithie proved to be the much-needed stabilizing force Immortals craved for during Spring Split.

NV vs. P1 – 2:1

While everybody was still in shock over IMT vs. TSM series, Team EnVyUs proceeded to add more fuel to the fire. In the first match, they absolutely destroyed P1 with 4 times the kills (20-5) and almost 17k gold advantage in the end. P1 equalized in the second match fairly easily. Third game was a typical chess match with very little kills and slow, methodical plays. NV edged out a tight win for the overall series victory.

FLY vs. DIG – 0:2

The upset bonanza continued in the third series as well. Team Dignitas is finally flying with their proverbial wings fully opened. They ravaged FlyQuest’s roster for a second series victory, joining CLG, FOX and IMT at the top of the bracket.

TL vs. FOX – 0:2

Team Liquid has long been a go-to bottom-feeder of the NA LCS. Naturally, EchoFox were simply too good to let anything ridiculous happen. The first match was still quite weird though. You’d expect more than 7 combined kills in 42 minutes of game playtime. Nevertheless, a routine job for FOX – 2:0 for the second series win.

NA LCS 2017 Summer Split Week 1 – Team of the week – FOX


CLG: 2W – 0L
DIG: 2W – 0L
IMT: 2W – 0L
FOX: 2W – 0L
NV:   1W – 1L
TSM: 1W – 1L
TL:   0W – 2L
C9:  0W – 2L
FLY: 0W – 2L
P1:  0W – 2L