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NA LCS 2017 Summer Split Power Rankings - Esportsranks
NA LCS 2017 Summer Split Power Rankings

The first half of the NA LCS Summer Split is over and done. There’s been plenty of surprises and not a few shocks. With Week 6 closer than ever, we’ve put together a comprehensive NA LCS 2017 Summer Split Power Rankings list that shows who to look out for in the next 5 weeks.

Rank 1: Team SoloMid

Top: Hauntzer
Jungle: Svenskeren
Mid: Bjergsen
AD: Doublelift
Support: Biofrost

Although not top of the NA LCS table, they are coming into week 6 hot off Rift Rivals series that they absolutely dominated. As with other Rift Rivals representatives, they now have professional games under their belt for patch 7.13

Doublelift also seems back close to top form. The big question is, will their success carry over in the North America? Only time will tell, but on their day they look unbeatable. That’s why they’re top of our NA LCS 2017 Summer Split Power Rankings.

NA LCS 2017 Summer Split Power Rankings

Twitter @TeamSoloMid

Rank 2: Counter Logic Gaming

Top: Drashan
Jungle: Dardoch
Mid: Huhi
AD: Stixxay
Support: Aphromoo

Counter Logic Gaming positioned themselves top of the NA LCS Summer Split with a great performance in week 5. Not only did they comfortably dispatch Team Liquid, but they also defeated Cloud 9.

Dardoch seems comfortable with the team now. Aphromoo is back onto his playmaking supports and I don’t see any reason why they should slip up against Dignitas or Team Envy in week 6. The big question hanging over their heads: can they beat TSM later in the split?

Rank 3: Cloud9

NA LCS Summer Split 2017 Power Rankings C9 Contractz

Twitter @ContractzLoL

Top: Impact/Ray
Jungle: Contractz
Mid: Jensen
AD: Sneaky
Support: Smoothie

It was a close call between Cloud9 and Immortals for rank 3. I opted for Cloud9 simply because, like TSM, they now have professional game experience on the latest patch. They also had a stunning victory over TSM in week 5.

Cloud9 has struggled with consistency this split. One wonders if they can emulate the winning form they showed against TSM when they face off against Immortals in Sunday’s game. If so, they could be moving up the NA LCS 2017 Summer Split Power Rankings.

Rank 4: Immortals

Top: Flame
Jungle: Xmithie
Mid: Pobelter
AD: Cody Sun
Support: Olleh

Until week 5 they looked unstoppable. I would have placed them as the number 1 ranked team, but they showed some major weaknesses against TSM and Phoenix1.

Jungler Xmithie still looks like a great swap for them and it may be that week 5 was a blip. They have the opportunity to prove they’re better than 4th best when they take on Cloud9 this weekend.

Rank 5: EnVyUs

Top: Seraph
Jungle: LirA
Mid: Nisqy/Pirean
AD: Apollo
Support: Hakuho

I’ve placed them 5th – courtesy of their week 5 win over Dignitas. A double win this weekend has the potential to propel them into the top 4. Apollo will need to be on top form.

Better control of objectives and warding could see them become a better team. For now I don’t envision Team EnvyUs finishing much higher than 5th place.

Rank 6: Dignitas

Top: Ssumday
Jungle: Chaser/Shrimp
Mid: Keane
Support: Xspecial, Big, Swifte

Dignitas seem to be one of those perennial mid-table teams. They have the capacity to beat the best teams in the league but often come up short.

While I don’t see Dignitas in any danger of finishing at the bottom of the NA LCS Summer Split, I don’t see them doing much else. I think they’ll be better focusing on a regular starting 5 rather than rotating players continually.

Rank7: EchoFox

NA LCS 2017 Summer Split Power Rankings FOX

Twitter @lolesports

Top: Looper
Jungle: Akaadian
Mid: Froggen
AD: Keith
Support: Gate

League of Legends is a team game and any reliance on just one player is problematic. EchoFox have a propensity to rely on their mid-laner Froggen. This works great when he’s fed but there’s little room for mistakes.

Until EchoFox can develop their entire roster I doubt the NA LCS will see them as a top tier team. This goes for the remainder of the NA LCS 2017 Summer Split Power Rankings as well.  

Rank 8: Phoenix1

Top: Zig
Jungle: Inori/Meteos
Mid: Ryu
AD: Arrow
Support: Shady

Rift Rivals and week 5 of NA LCS Summer Split have shown Phoenix1 may be rising from the ashes. A return to Spring Split’s form is not out of the question and that’s why I’ve placed them 8 on the power rankings.

If we see the Phoenix1 side of the last 2 weeks then they will secure some previously unexpected results. If they slip back into the terrible form of the first 4 weeks they’ll be a bottom tier side. At this point they are simply one big enigma.

Rank 9: FlyQuest

Top: Balls
Jungle: Moon
Mid: Hai
AD: Wild Turtle
Support: LemonNation

When you look at the names on FlyQuest’s roster you see potential. Many have won previous NA LCS titles. They just never seem to quite hit their stride.

Two victories in week 5 may be their turning point but it’s still too early to say. A good showing in the next two weeks is crucial. For that they need their whole team to stay on form. Can they?

Rank 10: Team Liquid

NA LCS 2017 Summer Split Power Rankings TL Goldenglue

Twitter @lolesports

Top: Lourio
Jungle: Reignover
Mid: Goldenglue
AD: Piglet
Support: Matt

Unfortunately I envision little improvement for Team Liquid in terms of standing. The good news is the only way is up.

Team Liquid seems to do fine in the early game. In fact, they have the highest average first tower rate in the entire NA LCS Summer Split league. They are also usually positive in gold at 15 minutes. Then it all falls apart. They have to learn how to transfer this winning position into the mid and end game.

What’s Next In The NA LCS 2017 Summer Split Power Rankings?

With five weeks still remaining every team has it all to play for. All of the new players should have settled in and I expect a lot of movement throughout the NA LCS.

TSM and CLG will likely emerge as the two teams looking for number 1 spot. I expect Immortals and Cloud9 will be close behind but not quite able to stake their claim. I believe our NA LCS 2017 Summer Split Power Rankings could look very similar at the end of Summer Split.

At the bottom of the league Team Liquid and FlyQuest will need to show they still have what it takes to remain in the top 10 of North America. Phoenix1 will want to put other teams on notice that they are back in form. Watch week 6 closely to see if that form holds true.

In 5 weeks time, hopefully, we will be looking at another top 10 plays and cheering an unbelievable finish to the season.

Share Your Thoughts On The NA LCS 2017 Summer Split Power Rankings

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