NA LCS 2017 Summer Playoffs Semifinals Preview

It’s time for our NA LCS 2017 summer playoffs semifinals preview! If that isn’t a mouthful, I don’t know what is. But let’s knuckle down and take a look at the possible results coming our way. Immortals take on Counter Logic Gaming and Team Dignitas get to try their luck against the North American giants, Team SoloMid.

NA LCS 2017 Summer Playoffs Semifinals Preview

Semifinal 1 – Immortals vs Counter Logic Gaming

NA LCS 2017 summer playoffs semifinals preview

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Immortals have looked pretty impressive for most of the season. They had a small blip against the resurgent Team Dignitas but, for the last five weeks, they have looked like the second best team in NA.

I expect this 5 game series to go all the way. The teams know each other really well and Immortals have definitely had the edge over CLG the entire season. Both teams will probably play the meta rather than their favorite champions, but that doesn’t mean we won’t get the occasional surprise.

All eyes will be on Omargod as he continues to step up to the plate. With five additional professional games under his belt, he should be fully up to speed and CLG shouldn’t look so frail in the jungle. If Omargod can team up well with Huhi and time their ganks and roams they can definitely give Immortals a run for their money.

I expect Immortals will come out on top though. Olleh has been a revelation this season. In the past, their bot lane duo has made CLG’s look ordinary. That’s no easy feat to accomplish.

Semifinal 2 – Team Dignitas vs Team SoloMid

NA LCS 2017 summer playoffs semifinals preview TSM

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Team Dignitas is riding a wave of momentum into the matchup against TSM. They will need all the help they can get to beat the favorites. No strangers to being underdogs, they’ve still not beaten TSM.

For their part, TSM just needs to play their game. Their control of objectives is unparalleled in the NA LCS and for good reason. If Team Dignitas don’t step up their game they may face the same kind of thrashing they just gave to Cloud9.

This wouldn’t be our NA LCS 2017 summer playoffs Semifinals preview article if I didn’t say an upset is possible. If Adrian can is on form, and on a playmaking support he could change the game dynamics. It’s just highly unlikely.

I predict it will probably be a TSM win of 3 to 1.

NA LCS 2017 Summer Playoffs Finals

It’s hard to see a final without TSM in it. Probably they will face this season’s rivals Immortals, but we could be in for an old school classic. If CLG steps up their game and beats a team they’ve failed to secure a series win against then all bets are off.

Chances are though, you’ll be watching Team SoloMid take on Immortals in an epic rumble.

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