NA LCS 2017 Summer Playoffs Preview

The quarterfinals of the NA LCS 2017 summer playoffs begins August 19th. We’ve already provided you with our power rankings, now check out our NA LCS 2017 summer playoffs preview.

NA LCS 2017 Summer Playoffs Preview

The winners of both Quarter Final games will go on to face Immortals or Team SoloMid in the semi finals. Immortals will face the highest remaining seed, and TSM will face the lowest remaining seed. The odds are it will be Immortals vs CLG and TSM vs Cloud9.

Quarter Finals 1: Cloud9 vs Team Dignitas

NA LCS 2017 Summer Playoffs Preview

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Expect this to be the closest of the two Quarter Final games. They’ve been neck and neck for most of the second half of the season, with Cloud9 finishing ahead by one series victory.

Altec and Adrian have looked very impressive throughout the last five weeks. Can Keane keep Jensen under wraps? If so, the battle of the bottom lanes may very well decide the series.

The opener may actually see all 5 games played. You can tune in at 2.00pm U.S. Central time and see for yourself which team has what it takes to progress. The winner will probably end up playing against Team SoloMid.

Betting: Cloud9 8/15 and Dignitas 11/8

Esports inside tip: Team Dignitas to win the series 3-2 at 9/2. That’s not bad at all.

Quarter Finals 2: Counter Logic Gaming vs Team Envy

NA LCS 2017 Summer Playoffs Preview

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On paper, the second Quarter Final is a little more one sided. Counter Logic Gaming finished the season a long way ahead of Team Envy, and it will be a tall order for Team Envy to reverse those fortunes.

CLG losing Dardoch so close to the playoffs has put a little bit of a question mark over how well they will perform. They obviously made a choice they think is best for the team, and if results go their way then they’ll be proven right. Team Envy, for their part, will be looking to exploit any sign of weakness.

CLG have looked lackluster whenever Aphromoo’s not been on a playmaking support, we’ll see if that’s a factor and what Team Envy can do to stop it.

Betting: Counter Logic Gaming 1/3 and Team Envy 9/4

Esports inside tip: Team Envy at 6/4 to destroy the first inhibitor in game 2. This is the game CLG usually struggle most in.

NA LCS 2017 Summer Playoffs Preview: Summary

The Quarter Final series is not just about winning. It’s about how a team wins. Taking a series 3-0 lays down a marker to the likes of Immortals and TSM, loudly saying you’re in form at the right time. Alternatively, a struggling 3-2 victory will be a confidence booster to your Semi Final opponents.

Teams will want to enter the semi finals at their very best, taking the momentum with them against the very best teams the NA LCS has to offer.

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