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NA LCS 2017 Summer Playoffs - Power Rankings - Esportsranks
NA LCS 2017 Summer Playoffs – Power Rankings

The NA LCS 2017 summer playoffs are just around the corner. They begin Saturday, August 19th with Cloud9 taking on rivals Team Dignitas. With the season championship up for grabs, we here at Esportsranks have worked hard to give you the who’s who of the NA LCS 2017 summer playoffs series.

Here’s a brief look at the brackets.

NA LCS 2017 Summer Playoffs

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NA LCS 2017 Summer Playoffs Power Rankings

#1 Team SoloMid

These guys are seriously impressive. If you’re wondering just how impressive then check out these stats. Since the inception of the NA LCS, Team SoloMid have appeared in every single NA LCS final. This shows an impressive ability to adapt to current Meta’s and game changes.

On top of this, they are also the only team in the world to appear in every single League of Legends World Championships. Any team that wants the title as best North American LCS team always has to beat TSM first.

Coming into the NA LCS 2017 summer playoffs TSM is still looking dominant. Their hiccups have usually come directly after a patch has been introduced, which does provide an opening for their opponents. Expect TSM to show up in a big way, they’re favourites for a reason.

#2 Immortals

NA LCS 2017 Summer Playoffs

Flicker @lolesports

Despite a poor spring split, Immortals roared back in style for the beginning of the NA LCS summer 2017 split. The enter the playoffs full of confidence but will probably need to vanquish the two North American powerhouses of TSM and CLG If they want to win.

Immortals have beaten CLG twice during the regular season games and haven’t lost since week7. Their form against TSM has resulted in a split 1 series loss and 1 win. They do have what it takes to win but must have confidence in themselves to do so.

Immortals have a first round bye and will no doubt be hoping that Team Envy knock out CLG. Make no mistake though, they won’t fear either opponent and will want to make it to the finals just as much as any other team.

#3 CLG

Counter Logic Gaming are a house hold name amongst League Of Legends fans. Despite being in the NA LCS since its inception they have only won two splits, and have not fared much better on the world stage.

CLG’s fans will tell you the reason for this relatively poor showing is consistency. They have what it takes to beat any team out there and regularly gives the likes of TSM a run for their money. The problem is they lose equally as regularly to teams on the lower end of the league scale.

Is CLG capable of winning the NA LCS 2017 summer playoffs? Absolutey! Are they just as likely to go crashing out in the quarter final game against Team Envy? Yes, and there in lies the problem.

#4 Cloud9

Cloud9 first entered the NA LCS in absolutely dominant fashion. They finished it 30-3 which is the best NA LCS record to date. They’ve been unable to match that kind of form in recent years, but are no strangers to big matches and NA LCS playoff scene.

The NA LCS 2017 summer split playoffs are a chance for Cloud9 to put the early part of the season behind them and ride the crest of the end of season victories into playoff champions.

They don’t seem to have the quality of the top three teams, but that doesn’t mean they can’t win. To do it, they’ll need a little bit of luck, maybe a surprise champion selection or two, and a lot of grit and determination.

#5 Team Dignitas

In the NA LCS Team Dignitas seem like one of those perennial mid table teams. They have spurts of undeniable success, followed by mediocrity.

They have beaten Team Solo Mid this year, and Counter Logic Gaming, although they have failed to beat Immortals. This shows that on their day, they can hold their own. The problem is that whenever things start looking up for Team Dignitas they seem to slip up.

Dignitas will start off the quarterfinals against Cloud9. It’s arguably considered the toughest series of the round, but they’ll need to win it convincingly if they want the confidence to make it all the way to the finals.

#6 Team Envy

Team Envy has made it to playoffs once before but they are easily considered the underdog at this years NA LCS summer 2017 playoffs tournament.

To begin with, they are the only team to enter the playoffs with a losing record, finishing the summer split 8-10. They have caused several upsets, but it’s hard to imagine them going very far. This is especially true considering their first game is against Counter Logic Gaming.

I’ve ranked them 6 for a reason. I just can’t see a way through for this team. They’ve given it a good shot, but are clearly the underdogs for a reason and I don’t think anyone sees them making it to the semi finals, yet alone the finals.

NA LCS 2017 Summer Playoffs Stars

NA LCS 2017 Summer Playoffs

Flickr @lolesports

All the NA LCS stars are going to be on display. It’s a chance to see Bjergsen work his magic, or see if the Dignitas bot lane can still produce miracles when it counts. Aphromoo will be hoping to show off some serious playmaking, while Jensen will be hoping to carry Cloud9 all the way.

The players with the highest KDA in the NA LCS 2017 league will all be present – Jensen, Bjergsen, Stixxay, Chaser and Cody Sun. Keen observers will notice that they each play for a different team, and they’ll each be hoping they can show up big when it matters most.

Who do you think will win the NA LCS 2017 summer playoffs series? Who are you cheering for? We’d love to hear from you; either leave a comment below or contact us on twitter @esportsranks