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Must-Watch Underdog Dota 2 Teams As We Head Into The TI Qualifiers - Esportsranks
Must-Watch Underdog Dota 2 Teams As We Head Into The TI Qualifiers

While there’s still a lot of Dota 2 to be played before the qualifiers, we’ve taken the time to scan the field and compile a list of little-known, yet must-watch underdog Dota 2 teams that could make a surprise run at the tournament should they ever make it.

Team NP

Underdog Dota 2 Teams

Image via Official Team NP Website

Team NP is one of the most popular teams in the world. However, the team has rarely experienced success since its inception last year. That is until a recent roster shake-up saw them turn heads with strong performances at the Manila Masters and ZOTAC Cup Masters.

While the team’s new lineup also has yet to win a LAN tournament, their recent showings suggest that they will get there eventually.

Who knows? It might even happen at The International 2017!

That’s a far fetched thought for a team that finds itself on our list of underdog Dota 2 teams. However, with a roster stacked with talent, from Major winners to a TI winner, Team NP could make a serious run at the Aegis of Champions in Seattle should they ever make it to the tournament.

Clutch Gamers

Clutch Gamers find their way on our list of underdog Dota 2 teams by virtue of qualifying for four LANs in one month. The team looked strong heading into the Manila Masters, only to perform well below expectations. But, given that it was their first taste of international competition, the team gets a free pass. For now, at least.

Barring any VISA issues, Clutch Gamers and their squad of up and coming talent has a chance to do what TNC did last year – and quite possibly, exceed that – at The International 2016.


Ad Finem was the feel-good story of the Boston Major after placing 2nd at the said tournament. Although they lost to OG in the Grand Finals, their surprising run was enough to put them on the map. However, they haven’t exactly experienced the same kind of success since.

Even after being picked up by the hot-and-cold organization, Mousesports, the team has continued to perform poorly. The team failed to qualify for both the Dota Summit 7 and DreamLeague Season 7. They also placed 9-16th at the Kiev Major.

So, why are they here?

Call it a gut feeling, but something tells us that the Greeks will find a way to recapture their former success.

Look to them to gain some much-needed momentum at Galaxy Battles on June 14.

Natus Vincere

Underdog Dota 2 teams and Natus Vincere are two things I never expected to write in the same sentence. It feels wrong even just to say it. But, it’s not like their recent performance has us believing otherwise.

The team has failed to make almost every major LAN in recent memory and have made so many roster changes that it’s hard to keep track of who’s who now.

Still, the team seems on their way up with Per Anders Ollson ‘Pajkatt’ Lille now at the helm. They recently qualified for The Summit 7, and is set to appear at EPICENTER 2017.

With the current meta favoring playmaking mids, Dendi has a chance to prove that he remains one of the best mid laners in the world.

Look to Natus Vincere to put in some good performances in LAN tournaments this month.

Watch Out For These Underdog Dota 2 Teams

With open qualifiers and regionals now returning, any team that’s hungry and determined enough can make it to TI and make a run for what will surely be the largest eSports prize pool in history.

While these underdog Dota 2 teams aren’t locks to make the tournament, you can count on them making some noise if they ever get there.