MSI 2018 Semifinals Day 1: Betting Odds, Analysis, Predictions

Judging by how things are looking at the MSI 2018 Semifinals, it is possible that for the first time in the history of the game, a Korean LoL team won’t be reaching the finals. Flash Wolves could very well end the Korean monopoly on League of Legends during this MSI if they play their cards right. However, for now, we will have to turn our attention to which team will end up winning tomorrow.

Between Royal Never Give Up and Fnatic, one team will have the prestige of representing their region in the finals.

Asian teams have had the upper hand in the tournament so far. Whether it’s Flash Wolves, RNG or Kingzone, they’ve all shown immense promise during their matches so far. This isn’t to say that they haven’t slipped up a bit every now and then, but they’ve been vastly superior to our main Western teams, namely Team Liquid and Fnatic.

Here’s a breakdown of what the current situation is for both teams about to go head to head in Day 1 of the MSI 2018 Semifinals:

Fnatic Hasn’t Been Doing Great

For a team that said they’d be disappointed if they didn’t make it to at least second place during this tournament, Fnatic isn’t looking so good. They barely made it through the Group Stages, very nearly getting eliminated by Team Liquid. Needing a tiebreaker for the 4th spot into the semifinals is never a good sign, and generally means that you’re about to be destroyed by the next team.

In particular, sOAZ has let his team down several times. Bwipo had to be there to save the day more than once, which makes us think that had sOAZ not suffered from his arm injury during the Spring season in the EU LCS, Fnatic might not have made it this far.

Caps and Broxah are Holding Fnatic Up

From Caps’ surprising picks of Yasuo to his brilliant, team saving plays which we saw against a certain split-pushing Camille, he’s been extraordinary. He hasn’t held back in the slightest, and Broxah has done a splendid job in making sure that the team snowballed.

Rekkles Has Let His Team Down

This generally wouldn’t be a problem if it weren’t for that Fnatic is a team that pours all their resources into their ADC. A team relying completely on their ADC to carry them would have a pretty hard time if the ADC started choking and focused more on getting away safely rather than trying to win a team fight. However, that’s been the hand that Fnatic have been dealt in the last few matches heading into the MSI 2018 Semifinals.

If they aim to come away with a win tomorrow, Rekkles will have some serious work to do.

Uzi Has a Much Better Record than Rekkles

Overall, and also in this year’s MSI tournament, Uzi’s performance far outstrips Rekkles in terms of damage output and reliability. Both, Fnatic and RNG rely on their bot lane, or to be more specific, their ADCs, for survival. Even worse, Rekkles himself had already admitted that Uzi is a better ADC than himself, which puts FNC in a tough position. Getting Mlxg’s attention away from the bot lane won’t help, since we know that Uzi will be scaling harder than Rekkles.

While RNG has been anything but infallible so far in this tournament, the upcoming match will be a best of 5. That removes any risk of teams losing entirely to cheese strats and gives both of them a chance of making a comeback.

Uzi, who’s never made it to MSI, will be ready to do anything it takes to get to the finals. Winning the first MSI trophy that he participated in would be an extremely high point in his career.

Who’s Going to Win at the MSI 2018 Semifinals?

We’ll have to go with RNG as the safer option to bet on. The current odds are (1.14) RNG – (4.73) FNC (GGbet), and for good reason. RNG has looked like the better team than FNC have recently. Sure, Fnatic deal with tough situations in a brilliant manner. However, they’ve shown a weakness to well thought out macro plays from their opponents.

RNG play the aggressive game early on, denying Fnatic the chance of letting Rekkles scale up. They also know how to play when they’re behind. The odds are not looking good for Fnatic and we’re expecting an easy win from RNG.

Which team between RNG and Fnatic do you think will win during the MSI 2018 Semifinals? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments down below. 

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