Movistar Riders Present Their New CS:GO Team

Movistar Riders (MRDS) is one of the leading Spanish esport organizations competing in several popular games such as League of Legends, CS:GO, Clash Royale and Call of Duty.

Their CS:GO team were founded in the first quarter of 2017, but they have not participated in a single Tier One tournament since. This is about to change because Oscar “Mixwell” Canellas managed to persuade Fernando Piquer, CEO of the Moviestar Riders organization, to gather the best players from Spain in one team.

“I had a dream, and so I told Fernando Piquer when I met him: creating the most solid and international Spanish team of CS:GO history. We have worked a lot and sorted many last-minute obstacles to get this dream team, and so the moment to show what we are capable of has come. Nothing is going to stop us once we start oiling the machine.”  – Oscar “Mixwell” Canellas.

Movistar Riders CS:GO Team

Movistar Riders

Oscar “Mixwell” Cañellas

Girona, 1995

Previous teams: gBots, Epsilon, OpTic, Gaming y, G2 Esports (trial)

Rating: 1.10

Role: Team leader, primary AWP

Mixwell is the first player from Spain that ever reached one of the Major tournaments (ESL One Cologne 2016 as Optic’s player). He left Optic despite the fact that they were the champions of DreamHack Valencia last week. Playing for MRDS and representing Spain was his dream, he did initiate creating of this team after all.

Later on, he confirmed that on his Twitter account.

Christian “LoWel” García:

Madrid, 1996

Previous teams: x6tence, OverGaming, gBots, Penta, Mouz, Dignitas, Tempo Storm

Rating: 1.06

Role: Riffler, entry fragger

LoWel is the second Spanish played that reached the Major tournament. He managed to do that at ELEAGUE of Atlanta in 2017, with mousesports while NiKo was still playing there. He is a great player with confidence that is not afraid to enter in individual duels as he relies on his skill, and that would definitely make him a great addition to the team. His skills can be very useful when they need fast entry frags to open things up toward the spot. He left Tempo Storm and is not a part of Movistar Riders.

Aitor “SOKER” Fernández

Bilbao, 1993

Previous teams: ASES, OverGaming, EPSILON, k1ck, x6tence, Tempo Storm

Rating: 1.00

Role: Riffler, secondary AWP

SOKER played alongside loWel at American team Tempo Storm and he would be a great addition to this team as a secondary AWP player.

Alejandro “Alex” Masanet

Alicante, 1995

Previous teams: gBots, OverGaming, Atlantis, Epsilon, k1ck, KPI, Movistar Riders y Vodafone Giants.

Rating: 1,04

Role: Riffler, Lurker

He returns to Movistar Riders from Vodafone Giants. This player is a great riffler and a known lurker. This player is known to play “smart” and he can often be found behind enemies lines stabbing them in the back just like GeT_RiGhT.

Alejandro “Mopoz” Fernández-Quejo

Madrid, 1996

Previous teams: Outbreak, Infinity, Cadiem, KPI Gaming, Movistar Riders

Rating: 1,04

Role: Riffler

Mopoz is the only player that did not come from any team. He is currently playing in Movistar Riders and he intends to stay here. Before this roster change, he was the best player on this team with more than 50% headshot. The good news for him is that he would not have to carry the team anymore, as he got 4 new teammates with great skills to help him.

A New Big Happy Family

Movistar Riders

The complete roster assures playing with their teammates is a dream come true, because they always imagined themselves playing together. All of them also think that joining Movistar Riders is like signing the entry on a big family, a family that shares their dream of representing the Spanish scene on the most important tournaments worldwide.

To quote Fernando Piquer, “The road hasn’t been easy, but Oscar had a very clear roadmap. We are proud to have a team like this. A long time ago, we decided to maintain two teams to play at a national and international level, but we had to decide, and I’m sure it is the right one. I would like to thank both teams and their coaches the involvement and dedication they showed for the Club, as well as how they have defended the team colours in each tournament.”

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