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Mousesports go into Battle with Oskar on Vacation - Esportsranks
Mousesports go into Battle with Oskar on Vacation

Recently, mousesports played against Nemiga Gaming, on Robin ‘ropz’ Kool’s birthday. The match seemed so one sided that oskar decided to go on vacation instead of participating with the team. The team’s coach Sergey ‘Imbt’ Bezhanov stepped in for oskar. CS:GO commentators said it seemed a 4 Vs 5 match because Imbt is a good coach, but not really suited to be a player even in a match against Nemiga Gaming. Mousesports fans, on the 0ther hand, were of the idea that suNny, ropz, STYKO and chrisJ were enough to defeat Nemiga Gaming. Nevertheless, we think oskar should have participated, because the winner of the LOOT.BET Cup directly qualifies for the CS Summit 2. In any case, the team decided on a risk, so let’s see how the match played out.

Bans and picks

As we predicted, Nemiga Gaming banned Cache, and mousesports banned Overpass. The first two bans were in favor of mousesports. While both Cache and Overpass are maps in which the mousesports are weak, Overpass is Nemiga Gaming’s best map in online matches. Next, Nemiga Gaming picked Mirage and mousesports picked Train. Both teams are equally competent in these maps. Ordinarily, mousesports would easily have the upper hand, but they were powered down without oskar.

The second ban phase began, and Nemiga Gaming banned Nuke, while mousesports banned Inferno. Banning Nuke was possibly Nemiga Gaming’s biggest error, because they are very weak in Cobblestone and they could match mousesports in Nuke in online matches. Well Cobblestone was left over and this was very favorable to mousesports.

A very bad start for mousesports

The match started and Nemiga Gaming played as terrorists in the first half. They eliminated all mousesports’ players and won the first pistol round. Nemiga Gaming did not stop there, but used their economic advantage to take the second round as well. Mousesports did try their best, but kept losing rounds against Nemiga Gaming. The heavily underestimated Nemiga Gaming won the first six rounds, and also detonated the bomb in two rounds.

Mousesports fought back in round seven and took the round. But Nemiga Gaming were flush with cash, and they returned in round eight to continue winning till round eleven. STYKO turned the tables in round twelve by clutching the round in a 1 Vs 2 situation, and defused the bomb successfully. The birthday lad ropz single-handedly killed three enemy players with an AK47 in round fourteen, and defended the bombsite. The last round of the first half was also won by mouseports, and they ended with five points to Nemiga Gaming’s ten.

A comeback in the second half

After a very bad start, mousesports staged a comeback in the second half, even though they lost the pistol round and the round after that. In the first five rounds of the second half, Nemiga Gaming won four rounds and also managed to successfully defuse the bomb twice. Mousesports, on the other hand, were only able to win a single round in between. But mousesports then staged an incredible comeback in round twenty one, and shut down Nemiga Gaming. But Nemiga Gaming were now just two rounds away from victory. Well, mousesports did their best, and smashed Nemiga Gaming in round after round, decreasing the gap in the scores. Ropz again took a triple kill in bombsite A, with the AK47, while defending the bomb. Nemiga Gaming now had fourteen points to mousesports’ thirteen, with just three rounds left in the match. This meant that mousesports had to win all the remaining rounds to win the match, and at least two rounds to drag the match into overtime. But Nemiga Gaming won round twenty eight, and were only one round away from a win. Mousesports won the next round to balance things out. The decider round began, and mousesports successfully planted the bomb, but failed to defend it, and Nemiga Gaming successfully defused the bomb and won Mirage. SuNny played so well that he was chosen as the most valued player even though his team lost the match.

Image Credit: LOOTBET

Playing without oskar was a bad choice

The next map was Train and mousesports were once again counter terrorists in the first half. But this time, they not only won the first pistol round, but also managed to win two more rounds in succession. Nemiga Gaming then came in with a win in round four, where they won the round by eliminating all the mousesports players. They also managed to successfully defuse the bomb in the next round. Mousesports hit back in the round after that, and once again won three rounds in series, and managed to defuse the bomb in one round. But Nemiga Gaming successfully defended their bomb in round nine. They did not stop there, and went on to take the remaining rounds, except for round fourteen. In the end Nemiga Gaming would dominate the first half, with eight points to mousesports’ seven.

Mousesports almost lost Train

In the second half, Nemiga Gaming managed to win the second pistol round, and a round after that. But they were stoped by mousesports in the next round, and they turned the tables by winning five more rounds in series. Now mousesports only needed four more rounds to win the match. But Nemiga Gaming were playing brilliant CS:GO, and they broke in on mousesports wins once again, to successfully defuse the bomb. Nemiga then won four more rounds, bringing them very close to a win. With only four rounds remaining, mousesports needed all of them to win the match, while Nemiga Gaming just had to take two. Mousesports won round twenty seven by successfully detonating the bomb, and managed to win two more rounds by eliminating all Nemiga Gaming players. Nevertheless, the final round of the match was won by Nemiga Gaming, which took the map to overtime.

A clean win in overtime

Overtime started, and mousesports were counter terrorists in the first half. They did well, and won all the three rounds in the first half. It seems Nemiga Gaming were no match for a fully equipped suNny and ropz. The second half started, and Nemiga Gaming failed to win even a single round against mousesports, as mousesports took the match. SuNny was once again named the most valued played for the match.

Mousesports cold as ice

Image Credit: Mousesports

Not banning Cobblestone proved costly for Nemiga Gaming

Nemiga Gaming has a poor record in Cobblestone. They nevertheless banned Nuke over Cobblestone. It seems it was their birthday gift to ropz, because he shone in this map, massacring his opponents in round after round, scoring more than the max rating, and becoming the most valued player in this match.

This time around, mousesports started out as terrorists, and they were unstoppable. It looks like their coach Imbt finally merged with the team meta in this map. They won the pistol round and a round after that. Ropz seemed to go berserk after that, and Nemiga were not able to counter him or the combined mousesports meta at all. Finally, after losing eight rounds, Nemiga Gaming shut down mousesports’ advance and took a round for themselves. It hardly made a difference. Mousesports once again planted the bomb and defended it successfully to continue their irresistible path to victory. Towards the end of the first half, Nemiga finally began to adapt, and took four rounds.

Mousesports faced some resistance in the second half

In the second half, Nemiga Gaming won the pistol round but did not manage to win the next round. They tried their best, and delayed mousesports’ win by winning three rounds in series. This time mousesports played coldly and collected enough cash to go for a full buy. This worked out well, since Nemiga Gaming cannot stand against a fully-equipped mousesports, something we observed in the last overtime. Mousesports took the round, and there was never any chance of a win for Nemiga Gaming after that. They successfully stopped Nemiga from planting the bomb in each round, which broke them economically. In the end, mousesports managed to qualify for the Quarter Finals.

mousesports head held up high

Image Credit: Mousesports

Mousesports need oskar

Their combat with Nemiga has demonstrated that they need to play as a team. Imbt is a good coach, but he is a guide, not a pro-level player. At least not at present. It’s also crucial for a team to have a coach-observer who isn’t immersed in the game. In reality CS GO is not a 5 Vs 5 game, but rather 6 Vs 6. Very often the tide of a game turns after a tactical pause in which the team confers with the coach. This isn’t a minor event, since the winner will qualify for the CS Summit 2. There, mousesports will face stronger teams than Nemiga Gaming, and oskar had better be on his team if he wants that team to win.

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