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Morgana Jungle Guide – League of Legends Preseason 8 - Esportsranks
Morgana Jungle Guide – League of Legends Preseason 8

Morgana just got a few changes to her kit this patch. The changes were aimed at making her playstyle more variable, but instead turned her into a complete monster all around the map. She gets an unlimited amount of healing from her new passive, and doesn’t run out of mana. Before discussing what changes she got, let’s jump straight into how Morgana Jungle works, what runes you’ll need, and which items you’ll be building!

Quick Summary


Morgana Jungle Runes

Summoner Spells

Morgana Jungle Summoner Spells

First Items

Morgana Jungle Starting items

Full Build

Morgana Jungle Build

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Ability Order

R -> W -> Q -> E


You’ll be following a different rune path to what mages generally build. Instead of going for damage, your main focus will be utility, hence the inspiration path.

Morgana Jungle Runes
You’ll go Unsealed Spellbook first for that Summoner Spell cooldown reduction. This will make your early clears a lot more easier while keeping you sustained and ready for invades. Perfect Timing increases your chances of pulling off a gank and then getting away with it. Future’s Market is yet another rune which focuses on pulling you through the early game, where you’re at your weakest.

For your last rune in the Inspiration path, you can choose to go with Cosmic Insight for the extra cooldown reduction. Alternatively, you can go with Approach Velocity to increase the potency of your ganks. Approach Velocity synergizes well with your kit since you have a lot of crowd control.

In the Sorcery tree, your first rune should definitely be Manaflow Band so you can keep your mana bar full at all times. You can choose between Absolute Focus and Waterwalking for your second rune, depending on whether you want more damage or more movement speed in the river.


Morgana Jungle Build

Your build is relatively straightforward. You’ll have your Stopwatch at the ready due to your runes, so you can leave the complete Hourglass for later. Complete your Boots of Mobility first to make your early ganks useful. If you intend to farm it out till level 6, then focus on rushing your Runic Echoes and Morellonomicon.

Once you have your core items complete, which are the Runic Echoes, Boots of Mobility, Morellonomicon and Zhonya’s Hourglass, you can complete your build with a Banshee’s Veil and Locket of the Iron Solari. You can change your final two items depending on the situation. If your opponents are more AP focused, you can swap out the Locket of the Iron Solari for an Abyssal Mask or Abyssal Scepter.

Morgana Jungle Playstyle

With the current runes and items build mentioned, your playstyle is based around safety and getting your teammates fed. Your crowd control through your Q and R will usually secure a kill or assist. Keep in mind that every ability you land on a champion will now heal you, so don’t be afraid to tank for your team. This is especially true since you have a spell shield, Banshee’s Veil and a Zhonya’s Hourglass to help you out of sticky situations.

Morgana’s new passive lets her heal off of any abilities she lands on champions, large minions and large monsters. Morgana’s W is different too in that its cooldown goes down every time her passive is activated. The cooldown is reset completely for champion takedowns.


  • Make sure that you always land your W, Tormented Soil on jungle monster or champions whenever you attack. By the time the W ends, it will already have come off cooldown due to its passive (if it keeps hitting your target). You can use it indefinitely this way. This makes taking jungle camps very convenient.
  • Avoid the Krugs. Only the large one triggers your passive, making the camp difficult to deal with early on.
  • Don’t be afraid to use your Smite for sustenance. Your runes ensure that you’ll have it up more often than usual.

First Clear

  • Your W allows you to start with the Wraiths. Ask your midlaner for a leash if possible.
  • Clear your Red Buff next. The combination of your Q and W will keep you sustained.
  • Head over to your Wolves. They’ll be easy to deal with. Kill the small ones first so that your passives can keep triggering off of the big one.
  • Complete your clear with your Blue Buff and Gromp.


  • If you’re headed for enemy champions with crowd control, initiate with your Dark Shield, E to avoid it.
  • Make sure you charge your Banshee’s Veil before ganking.
  • Engage with your R first. Not only will this heal you from any damage you take, but will also set you up for a perfect Q. Your opponents will be under crowd control for days.

Patch 7.24 Changes and Hotfix

We have the current patch to thank for Morgana Jungle. Her passive and W received some changes which not only enabled her to jungle, but also gave her a power surge which drastically increased her win rate in every position. It went all the way to 58.6% from a measly 52% from the last patch. Riot applied hotfixes to tone her down a bit, and she seems less overbearing now.


Morgana definitely feels like a much more versatile champion with these changes. With the hotfix, she hopefully won’t be as dominant and will be absorbed successfully into the meta without any further problems. If there do happen to be any, they’ll surely be fixed in the upcoming Patch 7.24 B. Here’s one more champion that’s now viable in more positions than it previously was, so Riot definitely deserves props for that.


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