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Moonmeander Leaves Digital Chaos - Esportsranks
Moonmeander Leaves Digital Chaos

Digital Chaos and David ‘MoonMeander’ Tan have mutually agreed to part ways just less than a month after the two-time Major winner joined the team as their captain along with Arif ‘MSS’ Anwar.

A Humbling, Learning Experience

MoonMeander was one of the many Heroes of Newerth pros who moved to Dota 2 once HoN’s competitive scene started to decline back in 2014.

He is known for his rather eccentric personality, evident especially on his stream, and his aggressive playstyle. He initially teamed up with former HoN pros in a team named Dream Destroyers before joining stayGreen, who were eventually picked up by CompLexity Gaming post TI4.

MoonMeander then spent much of the 2014-15 season with CompLexity Gaming, teaming up with Tal ‘Fly’ Aizik to lead CompLexity Gaming to a 9-12th place finish in The International 2015.

MoonMeander and Fly then left CompLexity Gaming post-TI5 to form Monkey Business, the precursor to OG. 

David ‘MoonMeander’ Tan experienced the most successful stretch of his career so far with OG. Already known as a solid offlaner, he only further solidified his case as one of the best in his position by helping OG win two Major titles in a year, along with a couple of LAN tournaments.


Image via Valve

MoonMeander then left leave OG post TI6 to join up with Digital Chaos, which led to mixed success. While they were able to make deep runs in LAN tournaments, even winning ESL One Genting 2017 in January, Digital Chaos was never really able to recapture the same form that led to a 2nd-place finish in The International 6.

MoonMeander and his team, who later played under the Planet Odd banner, would ultimately disband after failing to qualify for TI7.

What’s Next for Digital Chaos?

MoonMeander’s decision to go back to Digital Chaos earlier this season came off as a slight surprise. Even more surprising was his choice to captain the team and move to a position 5 role.

With his transition to a new role proving unsuccessful so far, it remains unknown whether he’ll continue to continue it with a team or move back to the offlane.


Image via Valve

As for Digital Chaos, Kanishka Sam ‘BuLba’ Sosale could theoretically captain the team from the position 4 role. Although, there are a couple of noteworthy free agents that are worth taking a look at ahead of the roster lock.

TI5 champion Kurtis ‘Aui_2000’ Ling is currently on a break and without a team. He and MSS also played together in Team NP and Cloud9so team chemistry shouldn’t be that big of an issue.

The Dota 2 mercenary Jimmy ‘DeMoN’ Ho is also a good fit. He is now available after Team Tuho disbanded recently. Although, him returning to the same team that he essentially formed only to kick him out earlier this year does create a bit of a drama.

Regardless of who they pick up, Digital Chaos will need to find a worthy replacement fast if they ever hope to qualify for their first LAN tournament this season.

Who do you think Digital Chaos will sign as their team captain? Where do you think MoonMeander will find himself playing next? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments down below. 

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