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Miss Fortune is taking over the Bot Lane this Preseason - Esportsranks
Miss Fortune is taking over the Bot Lane this Preseason

With the preseason in the loom, every League player is frantically scrambling to make sense of which builds and runes work best on the Rift. Amidst this confusion, one champion has risen this ladder of chaos and made her way to the top: Miss Fortune, our favorite pirate in the game (sorry, Gangplank mains).

Miss Fortune’s play rate spiked during the 7.22 preseason patch, and she gained the second highest win rate among ADCs according to the data on champion.gg. Prior to the preseason update, Miss Fortune was quite the underrated champion enjoying a silent and comfortable position on the sideline. Now, however, she’s definitely earned her way to the spotlight, and will most likely be crucial to the upcoming bot-lane meta if she doesn’t receive any nerfs.

Miss Fortune preseason play rate

Miss Fortune Play Rate – champion.gg


Miss Fortune preseason win rate

Miss Fortune Win Rate – champion.gg

If you’re an ADC main who hasn’t jumped aboard MF’s ship yet, here’s what you need to know about playing her in the preseason so you too can take advantage of her outrageous damage and carry your games:


You’ll be taking Precision as your main rune path, with Sorcery as your secondary. Take Press the Attack as your main source of damage, and Triumph as your key to survival. After that, you’ll want to take Legend: Alacrity and Coup de Grace for increased attack speed and damage. For the sorcery tree, you’ll take Celerity and Gathering Storm for more survivability and late game damage.

Miss Fortune preseason runes

Miss Fortune Rune Path – champion.gg

Some pros like Doublelift have chosen to go down the Sorcery tree with Summon Aery as their main rune. This increases your poke potential, and makes your early game even stronger. However, you should follow the popular Precision path if you’re aiming to become a late game carry.


This is the main deviation from normal ADCs that sets Miss Fortune apart. Normally, you’d go for crit items like the Rapid Firecannon and Infinity Edge, but now your build path consists of lethality items. Rush the Duskblade of Draktharr as your first item, followed by Berserker’s Greaves.  Complete your build with Youmuu’s Ghostblade, Black Cleaver, Lord Dominik’s Regards and a Guardian Angel.


The build you’re rushing is pretty similar to what you’d go for on a Talon. The Duskblade damage combined with your Love Tap passive ends up dealing absurd amounts of damage to your squishy enemy ADC. Make sure you auto attack whenever your passive can be dealt to your opponent.

You won’t have any trouble whatsoever in keeping your enemy laner from getting any farm. If done correctly, you’ll be able to negate any experience from reaching them. If they do happen to get near enough to farm, aim your Q at a minion low enough to pass on the full damage onto them, and follow up with a W and E combo, auto attacking as often as possible. You’ll win the majority of trades you enter in, unless your enemy’s composition is built for lane control.

It’s important to have a support that can provide constant poke or crowd control. A champion like Sona lets you quickly burst down your enemy laners and assume dominance over the lane. With this build, you’ll want to finish the game as fast as possible. Lethality loses relevance once the game gets to the point where the tanks are able to sustain your damage.

Keep Miss Fortune damage flowing in the late game

It often happens that games don’t end before the 30 minute mark, and you’ll start falling behind in such cases. However, being an ADC, you have the option to remain as your team’s primary source of attack damage. To do this, I recommend replacing your lethality items with attack damage and crit items one at a time.

Get rid of your Duskblade and Ghostblade in favor of an Infinity Edge and Rapid Firecannon. If the game goes far enough, you can even replace your Black Cleaver with an Essence Reaver. The runes you have, coupled with your W’s active, will give you enough attack speed to mow down turrets and enemies alike.

Currently, it’s difficult to go wrong with MF unless you mess up your early game beyond the point of recovery. She’s a solid pick whether if ADC is your main role or not. If you get autofilled as an ADC, you’ll be pretty safe with this champion due to her powerful passive. It’s great seeing the bot lane meta switching to champions that haven’t been in the fray for a long time.

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