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Mushi Leads Mineski To Dota PIT Minor SEA Qualifier Win - Esportsranks
Mushi Leads Mineski To Dota PIT Minor SEA Qualifier Win

Chai ‘Mushi’ Yee Fung and his Anti-Mage put Mineski on his back as they secure their third Minor tournament berth of the season with a 3-2 series win against Fnatic in the Grand Finals of the Dota PIT Minor SEA Qualifier.

Dota PIT Minor SEA Qualifier Recap

Different from the other qualifiers, Dota PIT decided to make do without open qualifiers for the SEA, CIS, China and SA regions. Instead, they chose to field out just 4 directly invited teams.

In the Dota PIT Minor SEA Qualifier, Mineski, Fnatic, TNC Pro Team and Execration were all hoping to secure a slot in the third Minor of the season. However, with the Filipino squads struggling, the online qualifier was all about Mineski and Fnatic.

Both TNC Pro Team and Execration failed to win a single game, leaving Mineski and Fnatic to duke it out in the Grand Finals.

Dota PIT Minor SEA Qualifier

Image via Dota PIT

Contrary to their earlier matchup, the first four games in the Grand Finals between Mineski and Fnatic were as tightly contested as can be.

Mushi was a stand out for Mineski with his Anti-Mage in Games 1 and 3. However, surprisingly enough, Mineski didn’t pick the hero for Mushi in Games 2 and 4. Although it’s even more surprising that Fnatic didn’t even think of banning the bothersome farming machine when it gave them so much trouble.

Regardless, without Anti-Mage, Fnatic would go on to win Games 2 and 4, the latter of which was a slugfest that lasted for finished just a few seconds shy of ~77 minutes.

In the series clincher, Mineski decided to pull out the Mushi Anti-Mage with a second-phase pick and that was pretty much all she wrote as they closed out the series in a rather anti-climatic fashion in just ~27 minutes with Mushi alone nearly outfarming all three of Fnatic’s cores.

The Second Coming of Faceless (?)

Last year, Team Faceless were arguably responsible for elevating the level of play in the Southeast Asian region. By playing the role of gatekeepers of the region, the team, led by Daryl Koh ‘iceiceice’ Pei Xiang, forced every team in Southeast Asia to elevate their level of play if they hoped to qualify for any tournament.

This year’s Mineski is looking to play the same role.

With iceiceice and Mushi headlining the lineup, Mineski is the first team to secure a spot in the first three Minor tournaments of the season. However, saying that they are the second coming of Team Faceless is a back-handed compliment.

For all their success in the qualifiers and in SEA, Team Faceless became notorious for choking in international LAN tournaments.

Case in point, Team Faceless were one of the first teams to exit The Summit 6 and The Boston Major. The cycle continued throughout the season, with Team Faceless bombing out early in DAC 2017 and Kiev before ultimately failing to qualify for TI7.

By the end of the season, Team Faceless had disbanded without winning a single LAN tournament; the closest they ever got was in the Asus ROG SEA Cup where they finished in second place after losing to Execration 3-2.

With that said, we’re still a few weeks away from the first Minor of season, but it is highly possible that Team Faceless’ lackluster performance last year is still on the back of iceiceice’s mind.

Will Mineski perform badly in LAN tournaments just as Team Faceless did a year ago? Or will they actually deliver? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments down below.

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