Midas Club Victory Qualify for Captains Draft Minor

The next set of Regional Qualifiers has officially begun with the All-Brazilian squad Midas Club Victory moving on to represent South America at the first Pro Circuit tournament of 2018, the Captains Draft 4.0 Minor.

With the win, Midas Club Victory are just the third team from South America to qualify for a Pro Circuit tournament this season; SG e-sports and Infamous have reigned over the region, taking turns winning qualifiers and securing LAN spots for themselves.

Midas Club Victory — SA’s Flavour of the Month

The main purpose of the recent roster lock changes — and the hefty penalties that came with it — was to encourage teams to try to stick together up until at least the next roster lock. However, that hasn’t happened at all. Especially not in South America.

The rise and subsequent demise of Digital Chaos.SAan all-star cast of former SG e-sports and Infamous players, is a good example of this.

After qualifying for the PGL Minor, the team failed to stick together for at least until the tournament, which paved the way for Infamous’ newest lineup to take their spot via a replacement match.

Now, two of their former players, along with Otávio ‘Tavo’ Gabriel, have teamed up to play under the Midas Club Victory banner.

Headlined by three former players of SG e-sports, the All-Brazilian squad tore through their opposition to nab a spot for the Pro Circuit Minor, which is set to take place later in January of 2018.

In a region known for frequent roster shuffles, two months is a very long time. As such, the possibility of this unregistered stack disbanding well before the tournament is high.

Here’s to hoping that’s not the case.

Midas Club Victory Roster

  • William ‘hFn’ Medeiros
  • Leonardo ‘Masha-‘ Viana
  • Otávio ‘Tavo’ Gabriel
  • Danylo ‘KINGRD’ Nascimento
  • Heitor ‘Duster’ Pereira

What do you think the chances are that this Midas Club Victory squad will stay together? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments down below. 

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