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Match Predictions for Group A Battles in the ECS - Esportsranks
Match Predictions for Group A Battles in the ECS

We’re at the end of the year, and the final battles in Season 4 of the Esports Championship Series are here. Yes, it’s the last big event of the year, and one last chance for teams to boost their rankings at the year’s end, and give themselves a real reason to celebrate this Christmas. With the right match predictions, a win at this time of the year could give you a reason to celebrate too.

Eight teams that qualified online will participate in this three day offline battle for mastery of the ECS. In Group A, Fnatic, OpTic Gaming, mousesports and Luminosity Gaming will fight for a slot in the Semifinals. The Group A opening match will be between Fnatic and Luminosity Gaming, while the second match will be between OpTic Gaming and mousesports. The winners of each match will face each other in a third match for a place in the Semifinals.

Match Predictions for Fnatic Vs Luminosity Gaming

These teams recently faced each other in the last week of Season 6 of the ESL Pro League. The match was a best of one in Cobblestone, and Fnatic won it by just three rounds. Fnatic have played a total of twenty two offline matches with their current roster, with eleven wins and losses, which gives them a fifty percent win rate. On the other hand, Luminosity Gaming have played seventeen offline matches, but were only able to win six of them, which makes their win rate just thirty five percent. This gives Fnatic a fifty nine percent chance to win against Luminosity Gaming.

Maps stats with their current rosters

With three wins and one loss at this event, Cobblestone is certainly Fnatic’s best map, followed by Inferno and Train with three wins and two losses each. Fnatic have won just two matches out of five in Mirage, and were not able to win a single match out of two played in Overpass. They also played Cache once with no success.

One of the reasons Luminosity Gaming is not doing too well in offline events is because their map pool is very limited. Their best map is Inferno, with two wins and one loss, and their second best map is Cache, with three wins and two losses. They played Train six times, but were only able to win it once. They also played Cobblestone twice, and Mirage once, with no success.

Which team should you place a stake on?

Match predictions are easy for this particular battle. Luminosity Gaming could only possibly dominate against Fnatic in Cache, which is hardly enough to defeat Fnatic. However, in their last match against each other in Cobblestone, which is Fnatic’s best map here, we saw Luminosity make Fnatic fight to the finish to win the match. Nevertheless, Fnatic still have far greater chances of winning against Luminosity Gaming. The odds are 1.36 on Fnatic, and they are certainly worth a reasonable stake.

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Match Predictions for the ECS Season 4

Match Predictions for OpTic Gaming Vs mousesports

These teams have never faced each other with their current rosters in offline matches. So let’s take a look at their overall performances with their current rosters. Mousesports have played forty two offline matches, and won twenty five of them, which gives them a fifty nine percent win rate. The same cannot be said for OpTic Gaming, as they have participated in twenty nine offline matches, and were able to win just fourteen of them. That gives them a win rate of just forty eight percent. This gives mousesports a fifty five percent chance to win against OpTic Gaming.

Maps stats with their current rosters

Both teams have a very large map pool, and excel in the same maps, with almost same win rates. These are well-matched teams as far as maps go, and both teams’ weakest maps are Inferno and Cache.

Which team should you place a stake on?

Put your stake on Fnatic in the first match, as this combination is too well matched. These teams are also unstable in play, winning and losing seemingly randomly. OpTic Gaming and mousesports have both defeated capable teams in the past, and can put out some very good plays. Mousesports is especially unpredictable in play, sometimes banning their own best maps.

These are the most carefully formulated match predictions, by analysts who thoroughly study team histories and playing styles. Stay tuned for more match-by-match analyses and predictions for this event. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and Facebook for the latest on your favourite Esports titles.