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Bettors following EsportsRanks predictions had a nice win a couple of days back when Misfits beat Ghost Gaming 16:14, just as we’d predicted. If you missed that, and would like a sure-shot match prediction for today, there’s one very sure match slated, and another that’s pretty good. Read all about them below…

Match Prediction – Some good combinations to bet on today

There are three matches upcoming in the ESL Pro League – we’ll be covering them all, but Cloud9 vs OpTic Gaming allows for an accurate match prediction, and a sure bet. Counter Logic is another good team to bet on today, in their match with Complexity. We’ll cover each of the matches slated for today, and show you how each of the teams stack up to each other, and you can make your choice.

ESL Pro League Betting Predictions

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Counter Logic Gaming vs Complexity Gaming

9th November, 2017 – Match 1 (21:20 EST) and Match 2 (22:30 EST)

This pair have fought in two Bo3 matches with their current rosters.  The first Bo3 set was won by Counter Logic Gaming. They won two matches in a row, match 1 – Mirage (16:14) and match 2 – Train (16:10).

After a month they met again in another Bo3, and once again Complexity Gaming lost to Counter Logic Gaming in the first two matches, match 1 – Cache (16:7) and match 2 – Inferno (16:13). This means Counter Logic Gaming have a 100% chance of winning against Complexity Gaming in a match and 59% in a round.

ESL Pro League Season 6

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Overall stats with their current rosters

Complexity Gaming have a 53% win-rate in a match and 51% in a round, with 43 wins and 38 losses. They have good chances winning in Cobblestone, with a 73% win-rate, in Inferno with 57% and in Nuke with 50%.

Counter Logic Gaming have played 191 matches, winning 103 and losing 88. This gives them a 54% win-rate per match and 51% per round. Their good maps are Train with a 65% win-rate, Cobblestone with a 61% and Overpass with 56%.

The stats above are just for those who want to go in for live betting, in which knowing how good a team is on a chosen match can be crucial. And now go on to the…

Match Prediction –

Complexity Gaming do have an upper hand in Cobblestone and their stats are really close to Counter Logic Gaming’s. But they somehow can’t handle Counter Logic’s ‘team meta’. Bet on Counter Logic for a relatively sure win.

The odds are 2/5 on Counter Logic Gaming!

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NRG Esports vs Luminosity Gaming

10th November, 2017 – Match 1 (19:00 EST) and Match 2 (20:10 EST)

ESL Pro League Season 6

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This pair have only met once in a Bo1 match, which went into overtime 2 times and was finally won by NRG Esports. This means these teams are pretty much equal.

Match Prediction –

By studying their current stats Luminosity have a 54% chance to defeat NRG Esports and a 51% chance of winning a round. This looks to be a bad combination for bettors. Stay away from this match, and bet on another combination. The next one is good.

Cloud9 vs OpTic Gaming

10th November, 2017 – Match 1 (21:20 EST) and Match 2 (22:30 EST)

These teams have quite a history of competing against each other with their current rosters. They first fought in a Bo3 battle, and Cloud9 won match 1 Inferno (16:6) and match 2 Overpass (16:11). Then they met in the ECS Season 4, in online matches. They fought in two Bo1 matches, and both were won by Cloud9 –  the maps were Mirage (16:11) and Train (16:14). They then faced each other again in Bo3 matches next day, and once again Cloud9 were victorious by winning match 1 Mirage (16:12) and match 2 Overpass (16:6). OpTic Gaming have never been able to defeat Cloud9. This gives Cloud9 a 100% chance of a win in a match and 61% in a round.

ESL Pro League Season 6

Image Credit: ESL

Overall stats with their current rosters

Cloud9’s have an 86% win-rate in Cache, 71% in Overpass and 68% in Inferno.

OpTic Gaming have a 75% win-rate in Nuke, 73% in Train and 67% in Overpass.

These stats are just for live bettors. There’s no doubt that this match is the…

Betting Pick of the Day

Even if a match enters overtime, Cloud9 have a far better chance to win overtime, as compared to OpTic Gaming. Cloud9 will definitely win a match and could win both the matches.

The odds are 1/2 on Cloud9! These are great odds on a sure thing.

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