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Mars DOTA 2 League - Power Rankings - Esportsranks
Mars DOTA 2 League – Power Rankings

The Mars DOTA 2 League is a premier tier tournament taking place in Wuhan, China from 5th until 9th of July.

The event takes place at the Optics Valley International Tennis Centre and has a prize pool of $250,000.

MDL 2017 features 8 teams, starting in a round robin group stage, and going into double-elimination playoffs afterwards. All eight teams which survive the group stage progress to the playoffs. The top four will start in the upper bracket, while the bottom four will have to fight their way through the lower bracket.

We already introduced the teams in the MDL preview, and you know the competition is fierce. These are

Below is EsportsRanks’ Power Rankings for one of the last tournaments before The International 2017.

Mars DOTA 2 League – The Bottom Four

8. Vici Gaming

Mars DOTA 2 League vici

  • Hao
  • Ori
  • Yang
  • Hym
  • ChuaN

I don’t think Vici Gaming is a bad team, but recently they haven’t had any successful tournaments, or even qualifiers honestly. Competing in the Chinese Qualifier (without Newbee and iG – direct invites) they didn’t even make it to the losers’ finals. However, due to schedule problems, the Europe Qualifiers was cancelled, so Vici Gaming got the wildcard ticket. Let’s hope they surprise us!

7. Clutch Gamers

  • Gabbi
  • Armel
  • Rapy
  • Boombacs
  • flysolo

CG is one of the best teams in SEA, but they rarely perform strongly in the LAN events. We may see a few cheese picks and early aggression from Clutch Gamers, but personally, they probably won’t go far in this event.

6. LGD Gaming

  • Ame
  • Maybe
  • old eLeVeN
  • Yao
  • Victoria

The Chinese multi-gaming organisation has established a strong foothold in the DOTA 2 scene. Both LGD and LFY always perform at the highest level and are regular winners of various qualifiers. The reason why they’re ranked below their sister team is that they lost in the qualifier finals to them, 3-2.

5. LGD.Forever Young

  • Monet
  • Super
  • Inflame
  • Ahfu
  • ddc

The student becomes the master in this case it seems. The “second” squad of LGD is ever more threatening to shadow the success of their older sister team. It is always interesting to see them play against each other and, never holding back to even humiliate their colleagues, if they get the chance.

Mars DOTA 2 League – The Top Four

4. Invictus Gaming

IG champions top

IG champions top

  • BurNIng
  • Op
  • Xxs
  • BoBoKa
  • Q

We all know that iG is capable of achieving great things. They had no trouble winning Dota Asia Championships 2017 in Shanghai, so we know that home crowd suits them well. On the other hand, they are hugely dependent on BurNIng’s performance, so if their opponents manage to shut him down, they will have done half the job necessary to knock iG out.

3. OG

Mars DOTA 2 League

  • N0tail
  • ana
  • s4
  • JerAx
  • Fly

We know, we know. Many of you must be thinking like WTF, OG has 4/5 major titles, they are the best team ever! This is partially true, and they earned their place in DOTA 2 archives since the introduction of Major tournaments. However, we haven’t been able to see much of them after The Kiev Major, so we don’t really know the current form of their roster, therefore we put them in the 3rd spot.

2. Newbee

China Qualifier Playoffs

  • Moogy
  • Sccc
  • kpii
  • Faith
  • Kaka

Newbee have won 2 premier tournaments in June, beating the NA teams in both ZOTAC Cup and Galaxy Battles. They did not get to play the strongest though – EG. The team showcased brilliant drafting and execution at the previous premier tournaments, and this will be their last check before TI7. Their performance is still far off from their golden days back in 2014, but they’ve surely made lots of progress in 2017.

1. EG

  • Arteezy
  • Suma1L
  • UNiVeRsE
  • zai
  • Cr1t-

The last tournament when EG really shined was the recent Manila Masters. In the event, they have defeated each team from the top four, only loosing to Newbee in the upper bracket, only to take the sweet revenge in the Grand Finals. The whole team acts and thinks as one unit, and we see them as our favourites for winning Mars DOTA 2 League 2017.

The group stages are currently underway, with Beyond The Summit providing a live English broadcast of the event.

Be sure to follow us here at Esportsranks to keep yourself updated on MDL 2017 as it happens.