Mars DOTA 2 League (MDL 2017) Preview

After a long delay, MDL 2017 will finally start, running from the 5th of July in Wuhan China until July 9.

The organiser – Mars Media – had some issues prior to the event, which was supposed to start a month or two back. The European Qualifiers was also cancelled because of the scheduling problem, so Vici Gaming received an invite to fill the remaining spot.

Now, with just a few weeks to go before TI7, we have a chance to see some of the teams showcase their form before the biggest Dota 2 tournament. strongest teams in the world battling in China. This is a great opportunity for teams to showcase their form before the biggest Dota 2 tournament.

MDL 2017 – Format and Venue

Mars Dota 2 League features 8 teams – 4 direct invites, and 4 qualifier slots.

At first, Europe and SEA had 1 qualifying spot, while 2 were dedicated to Chinese qualifier. However, as previously mentioned, the organisers encountered some problems and instead, invited Vici Gaming to fill the Europe qualifier’s spot.

Eight teams will play in round-robin group. Top four teams advance to the upper, while bottom four advance to the lower bracket.

The team that finishes first after round-robin gets to choose the opponent from 3rd/4th place team, while 2nd place will play the remaining one.

Playoffs are double elimination Bo3, while Grand Finals are Bo5.

The event will take place in the magnificient Optics Valley International Tennis Center.

MDL 2017 – The Participating Teams

We expect a fierce contest between the teams at MDL with the direct invites being some of the best teams in the world – OG, Invictus Gaming, EG and Newbee. Meanwhile, the qualifying teams, LGF, LFY, Clutch Gamers, and Vici Gaming, also all deserve respect.

Winners of 4 out of 5 major tournaments, OG, have a strong lineup and are one of the main favourites coming into TI7.

After winning The Kiev Major, the team participated in a few LAN events without much success. However, with new 7.06e patch and Naga buffs, we may just see them owning again.

Dota 2 Rankings

Invictus gaming will surely have their say in this, however.

With the Chinese crowd cheering for them, they will most definitely try and deliver the best possible performance. Lest we forget, they did sweep OG 3-0 in the finals of DAC 2017.

The team that is in the best form at the moment is probably EG.

A bit over a month ago, they won The Manila Masters, earning $125,000 after defeating Newbee 3:1.

The last direct invite is Newbee, a team who, much like EG, has put together a string of successful runs in recent weeks. Most notably, Newbee won Galaxy Battles 2017 and ZOTAC Cup Masters 2017.

MDL 2017 – Qualifiers too strong?

The reason is simple, LGD sister teams, were in the qualifiers. Both LGD and LGD.ForeverYoung (LFY) looked very strong. LFY had beaten LGD in the qualifiers 3:2, so LGD had to earn their spot through the lower bracket.

Along with Vici Gaming, this is a total of 5 Chinese teams in the event, so it’s obvious that organisers would really like if one of the “home” teams won the title.

The last remaining participant that will look to make an upset is Clutch Gamers, who are regular participants of LAN events as SEA representatives.

MDL 2017 will be held from 5th until 9th of July, and the prize pool is yet to be announced. Follow esportsranks for power rankings, tournament coverage and more of your favourite e-sports news!

Be sure to follow esportsranks for power rankings, tournament coverage and more of your favourite Esports news!