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EDG Reverse Sweep RNG to Win the LPL Summer Split Play-off Finals! - Esportsranks
EDG Reverse Sweep RNG to Win the LPL Summer Split Play-off Finals!

LPL Summer split playoff finals – EDG vs. RNG

In an incredibly exciting series, RNG took on EDG for the title of LPL Summer Split Champions 2017. RNG were looking to win their first title win since Uzi joined them. EDG were looking to solidify themselves as the most dominant team in the LPL.

In the end, EDG reverse swept RNG, who started off incredibly strong. It was the experience coming out of EDG, from players such as Clearlove7, which led to their victory. RNG will be disappointed that yet again they made it to the finals, only to be edged out. In the end, EDG won the series 3-2 and were crowned champions.

Uzi and RNG come out swinging

In game 1 it was RNG who struck first. It took longer than a lot of the LPL playoff games so far. However, in the end, it was a great team fight by RNG which gave them a victory against EDG. Now they were 1-0, could RNG remain composed and win their first domestic title since Uzi joined?

EDG would need a win in Game 2 to ensure that the momentum swing wasn’t too far in RNG’s direction. A great amount of early game pressure from RNG onto Scout (EDG Mid laner) led to a good lead for RNG. This was again snowballed into what seemed like an easy victory for RNG. They were now one game away from winning the LPL playoffs finals and securing first seed at worlds. Could they do it?!

Uzi and RNG started off strong in the LPL summer playoffs 2017 finals

Credit: https://baike.baidu.com

Reverse sweep thanks to Clearlove7?

EDG were clearly struggling against the power of the RNG roster. Xiahou and Uzi seemed to have the number on their opposing players. It was all or nothing for EDG now and you could see this in the game play. A scrappy baron fight which went to RNG almost led to a full wipe for EDG and the end of the game. However, in the end EDG managed to scrape their way into a game 4. Their change of strategy had definitely paid off from the first two games! The reverse sweep dream is real?

Game 4 was yet again relentless pressure in the mid lane from Xiahou onto Scout. This freed up the rest of the map for Mlxg, who could roam around the map as he pleased. It seemed as if RNG were going to take the game and the series. This was, however, until Xiahou caught out Scout and EDG almost wiped RNG and got the baron, turning the game completely on its head and making the reverse sweep possible.

The final game was always going to be an intense one. Could EDG deny Uzi yet again, and continue their run as the most dominant team in the LPL? The game started off slowly, but then started to snowball into RNG’s favour. Eventually, the pressure was too much and after a decent attempt at a comeback by RNG, EDG were crowned the champions of summer.

RNG should be proud of their performances. They were up against an incredibly strong team with bags of experience behind them. This will be no consolation to players such as Uzi and Xiahou, who put everything into this series. It seemed that momentum came out of nowhere and to suddenly reverse sweep a team in the LPL summer split playoff finals is no easy feat. Congratulations to EDG and we’ll see you at worlds!