GG iG! -LPL Summer Playoffs Third Place Series

Although this was the LPL Summer Playoffs Third Place Series, there was the potential for either team to get a better seeding in the gauntlet. This could help their run into Worlds and therefore could have been very important.

It would also give them more confidence going into the gauntlet, which is definitely an important part of such a brutal and unforgiving series of matches.

WE vs. IG Game 1 – LPL Summer Playoffs Third Place Series

In game 1, iG decided to go with the Yasuo & knock-ups comp, which is a solo queue classic. This game was an absolute blood bath, and in the end, the Yasuo pick paid off.

Rookie’s Yasuo was running everyone down and a lead on this composition was too much for WE to overcome. An exciting game but it was evidently a third place series.

WE vs. IG Game 2 – LPL Summer Playoffs Third Place Series

In game 2, Rookie was playing well, but also incredibly aggressively. Both teams were playing some weird League of Legends. Kayn appeared for the first time playoffs.

Ning popped off on Kayn, but eventually, it was the tank meta which was the downfall of iG. A double super tank composition against Kayn was always going to end badly for iG if the game extended. All was now square.

WE vs. IG Game 3 – LPL Summer Playoffs Third Place Series

Game 3 saw yet another early dive by Rookie. This guy was clearly annoyed by their loss yesterday to EDG.

These were not the clean games we had seen so far in the LPL Summer Playoffs. It was a battle between Rookie and Mystic, with Mystic and WE coming out on top in game number 3.

The ball was now firmly in WE’s court and they were one game away from clinching it.

WE vs. IG Game 4 – LPL Summer Playoffs Third Place Series

Game 4 started the same way the last 2 games had started, with Rookie taking the game to his mid lane opponent. This guy looked on fire and it’s no wonder that he’s considered one of the best in the LPL.

Rookie was annoyed and it was obvious. He hadn’t got over not being able to carry his team into the finals and he was making up for it. The focus was in the mid lane this game, with Rookie going huge on Syndra.

Could iG upset WE even further and win the final game to finish in third place?

WE vs. IG Game 5 – LPL Summer Playoffs Third Place Series

The hype was real. Every single series so far except the first two went to a 5th game and this series was no different.

It wasn’t only Rookie who looked incredibly strong in this series. West and Megan, who took a lot of flak during the regular split, were also playing very well. In game 5 it was both West and Rookie who took the game to WE and helped lead iG to a 3-2 upset victory over WE.

Final Thoughts

This series was an incredibly exciting one, with lots of ups and downs. Unlike the rest of the Summer Playoffs, these games were back and forth. In the end, the only effect was that iG had a slightly better seeding going into the gauntlet. This may not seem like much, but it could affect their chances of getting into Worlds.

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