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LPL Spring Split Day 3 – JD Gaming and Rogue Warriors Trounce Opponents - Esportsranks
LPL Spring Split Day 3 – JD Gaming and Rogue Warriors Trounce Opponents

LPL Spring Split Day 3 treated us to another stomping by the victorious teams. As has been the case in previous days, there have been few upsets thus far in the LPL. Although it is worth noting that JD did just manage to beat LGD at their own stadium, which is an impressive feat when you consider how convincingly they demolished the home team.

JDG vs. LGD – Game 1 – JDG Win

This game wasn’t even close. After a successful 1v1 by Zoom for JDG, they took their advantage to the bot lane and dived LGD. A teamfight around the Baron area gave JDG the big purple worm, which they then used to get 3 inhibitors and end the game shortly afterwards. An absolute masterclass by JDG, who secured a perfect game (minus Rift Herald).

JDG vs. LGD – Game 2 – JDG win

First blood was yet again secured by JDG in the top lane, a dive shortly afterwards again on LGD’s top laner showed the rest of the LPL how to deal with the Vladimir pick. Despite an attempted fightback by LGD, the linking between Clid and Yagao in the jungle and mid was too much to handle. The Malzahaar pick was proving to be the ideal way to deal with LGD’s team composition. Some fantastic rotations by JDG while their top laner played time wasting was impressive. In the end, the composition and lead was too much and JDG finished the game shortly after the 25th minute.

LPL Spring Split Day 3

clid wins man of the match

RW vs. TOP – Game 1 – RW win

Despite being ahead on kills at 13 minutes, TOP were only slightly ahead. An explosive fight around baron netted Rogue Warriors their first kill in the attempted fightback, as well as an infernal drake. This game was incredibly strange, by LPL standards. Lots of bloody, pointless fights. TOP seemed as if they were playing a solo queue game, whereas RW were playing professional League of Legends. This game really showed the strength of objectives over kills, and eventually, RW managed to secure baron thanks to Kalista and end the game.

RW vs. TOP – Game 2 – RW win

A great countergank by Flawless gave him an early game triple kill on Lee Sin. This gave them an unbelievable amount of early game pressure, and Flawless was all over the place, invading, setting up plays with incredibly impressive flashy plays. Flawless was basically a god in this game, and showed the power of picking Lee Sin if you’re an accomplished player on him. This massive early game pressure was spiralled into such a huge lead that they could easily end the game fairly early on.

LPL Spring Split Day 3

RW take down TOP in convincing fashion.

LPL Spring Split Day 3 – Conclusion

The LPL Spring Split Day 3 continues the pattern of the last few days; Vladimir continues to run rampant all over the rift. However, JDG showed exactly how to deal with him today. A lot of early game ganks and early pressure are keys to putting him behind, which effectively neutralizes his late-game potenteial. We also saw the return of Lee Sin to the rift, which makes sense considering the general inclination towards carry junglers. In both games, TOP picked a tanky jungler and in both games, they eventually lost vs. a carry jungler.

LPL Spring Split Recap: Day 1 | Day 2

Which match during the LPL Spring Split Day 3 surprised you the most? Were you shocked to find each win to come so convincingly? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments down below.

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