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LPL Spring Split 2018 Day 2 – EDG & BLG sweep their opponents - Esportsranks
LPL Spring Split 2018 Day 2 – EDG & BLG sweep their opponents

Day 2 of the LPL Spring Split 2018 was a much more dominant affair than yesterday. Both EDG and BLG swept their opponents 2-0. This is a great start for both teams, especially for EDG, who are perhaps the favourite team in the LPL. Also, C9 fans will be pleased to see Ray doing well for his new team.

EDG vs. FPX – Game 1 – EDG win

Despite giving up first blood, and appearing to be on the back foot, Ray managed to get a solo kill in the top laner, after towerdiving Gimgoon. Both teams had good late gaming scaling, so it would all come down to who could play the late game better. A 200 iq sneaky baron take by EDG managed to keep the game alive for them. The double Mountain drake allowed them to secure another sneaky baron. In the end the baron pressure and drake pressure was too much, and EDG took their first win of the split.

EDG vs. FPX – Game 2 – EDG win

First blood went this time to EDG, and it went to the worst possible person for FPX, Scout. Those of you familiar with the LPL will know how good Scout is, particularly with a lead. EDG looked absolutely dominant in game 2, and they simply didn’t allow FPX to pick up anything. It seems as though EDG’s tactic of keeping the core parts of the team the same, and only switching up a few players, meant that they had a communication advantage, as well as the mechanical advantage.

LPL Spring Split

EDG overcome their first obstacle on their path to Worlds 2018

BLG vs. VG – Game 1 – BLG win

VG gave away first blood, in classic solo queue fashion after an invade by BLG. They were fighting very unnecessarily. At one point fighting over a cloud drake. The lead which was built up by BLG was too much and they ended the game without a fightback from VG. When you have an ahead Tristana vs. a behind Kalista, it spells disaster.

BLG vs. VG – Game 2 – BLG win

VG started off this game a lot better, and it definitely seemed as if they were going to be able to take a game from BLG. This time Kalista was ahead and Tristina was ahead. However, yet again the LPL was showing the power of the Vladimir pick. A terrible Baron call by VG was heavily punished by BLG and that completely swapped the leads around, in favour of BLG. In the end, the late game scaling of BLG was a lot better, and they finished the game after a great fightback.

LPL Spring Split

AmazingJ wins MvP in game 2


From both day 1 and 2, the LPL Spring Split 2018 have shown the power of one pick in particular. Vladimir with spellbook swap is proving too hot to handle, being able to start with ignite and swap to teleport in the late game is very strong. Furthermore, the Alistar pick is proving difficult to deal with. We will see how the meta develops as the other regions also begin to play.

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Which matchup did you enjoy the most in Day 2 of the LPL Spring Split 2018? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments down below.

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