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LPL Spring Split 2018 Day 1 – RNG & SNG victorious - Esportsranks
LPL Spring Split 2018 Day 1 – RNG & SNG victorious

The League of Legends 2018 season kicked off today, with the LPL going toe to toe. First up was RNG vs. IG. IG only just missed out on their chance at Worlds 2017 thanks to WE. RNG made it all the way to the semi-finals but were toppled by eventual runner-ups, SKT T1.

IG vs. RNG – LPL Spring 2018

IG came out swinging and managed to snowball the first game out of control. There are a lot of question marks over both teams, with Uzi only being conspicuous in his absence. His (temporary?) replacement, Able, tried to mimic the LPL powerhouse by picking his signature champion, Vayne. This backfired and IG took the first victory of the LPL Spring Split 2018.

LPL Spring Split 2018

LPL Spring Split 2018 – IG vs. RNG

The second game was a mirror image of the first, with RNG not willing to take their first game to heart. The Ivern pick by IG was definitely risky, and vs an engage comp it was downright dangerous. RNG managed to push forward for a very quick, professional victory. Y4 took on the ADC mantle this game and proved himself worthy of his team.

The third and final game of the series would determine which team would start their 2018 season off right. The game was close throughout the early game, with a decent gold lead being opened up by RNG. RNG Ming on the Alistar with spellbook swap was all over the map, and a double pick followed by baron gave RNG the tools and the momentum to end the game shortly after, despite an attempted fightback by IG.

SNG vs. TOP – LPL Spring Split 2018

TOP allowed SNG to pick up the much contested Zoe pick, and Knight in the mid lane for SNG made the pick work in the early game. A pretty big lead for SNG was slowly but surely clawed back by TOP. However, SNG managed to pick up baron despite a stellar defence by TOP. There was no coming back from this, and SNG took game 1.

Game 2 was blown open early by SNG. After a bot lane brawl, they came out 4-1 and got first turret. Despite a fight back by TOP, XiaoAL on vlad in the top lane for SNG was too strong. TOP managed to steal elder drake, but the ensuing fight was won by SNG and Suning Gaming won their first series of the LPL Spring Split 2018.


Kalista, Alistar and Zoe have all proven to be incredibly strong picks so far. TOP left Zoe open twice, and regretted it twice. The other regions of the world will have watched these games closely, to see what was performing well at the highest level. Top lane Vlad and carry junglers also seem to be emerging as the meta. Stopwatch was showing its golden face all over the map, and spellbook swap seems to be emerging as one of the better keystones.

It was an incredibly interesting opening day, with SNG looking very strong. Royal Never Give Up also looked good, even without their star ADC, Uzi, who is apparently ill.

Which matchups are you looking forward to in the LPL Spring Split 2018? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments down below.

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