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LPL 2017 Summer Playoffs Round 2 (Quarterfinals) - Esportsranks
LPL 2017 Summer Playoffs Round 2 (Quarterfinals)

LPL 2017 Summer Playoffs Round 2 – iG vs OMG

Today’s first series of the LPL 2017 Summer Playoffs Round 2 was between OMG and iG. IG definitely looked strong yesterday. It was the first real match-up of the LPL playoffs. Yesterdays stomps weren’t really competitive. It was perfectly possible that iG took OMG on and advanced to the semi-finals. At the very least there would be more than 2 games today. The team with the higher seed today didn’t get a free win. Today would see iG utilise their squad to its full potential. IG have managed to create a roster which could swap around and managed to do it with great success. Other teams have tried this and haven’t succeeded but iG definitely have.

LPL 2017 Summer Playoffs Round 2 – iG vs OMG Game 1 (0-0)

Rookie and Icon have met a few times over the split. Every time they’ve met Rookie has come out on top. However, this game it was iG’s bot lane with 3 early kills on West. This was then used to snowball the game into iG’s favour. Another early baron was used to crack the base of OMG. A quadra-kill by Rookie ended the game.

LPL 2017 Summer Playoffs Round 2 – iG vs OMG Game 2 (1-0)

This series was beginning to look like it would be decided by the mid lane match-up. Rookie was showing up big time and although it was iG’s botlane which snowballed the last game, iG got first blood and it was given to Rookie in Game 2. OMG tried their absolute hardest to get Icon ahead but Rookie soaked up the pressure without dying early on. A 4 man play in the mid lane evened out this crucial match-up. The game burst open after a great punish by OMG on a greedy ocean drake force by iG. This led to a baron and the first sizeable gold lead of the game. A good baron call by iG makes the game competitive again after a long period of dominance by OMG. However, a triple inhib take by OMG signaled the coming of the end. Despite a decent defence, iG’s nexus fell and OMG leveled up the series 1-1.

LPL 2017 Summer Playoffs Round 2 – iG vs OMG Game 3 (1-1)

iG had obviously pinpointed their win condition and decided yet again to try to focus on the mid lane. Getting your strong Korean player ahead seemed to be the key tactic for most LPL teams. This game saw iG swap in former Worlds winner Duke for TheShy. Ning was also swapped out for KidKid. A 2 for 0 trade led to yet another early baron attempt. This was stopped by OMG by 2 minutes later iG took the baron for real. IG was definitely feeling confident, spam taunting and laughing at their opponents before taking triple inhib with the second baron of the game. Finally, iG outwitted their opponents and didn’t let the ‘protect the Twitch’ comp be fully realised before ending the game.

LPL 2017 Summer Playoffs Round 2 – iG vs OMG Game 4 (2-1)

iG were now one game away from beating OMG and making it to the semi-finals. OMG had a long-term plan which was beginning to pay dividends towards the end of the summer split. That could all be thrown to the dogs should iG beat OMG in game 4. The support for iG, Megan, brought out the Brand. A risky pick but creates one of the strongest kill lanes in the game. Could he set OMG’s hopes alight and blaze iG into the semi-finals?

Although Megan gave away blood, OMG’s ADC went down in the exchange. Again both teams were trading blow for blow. A great baron steal by OMG buys more time for them after a good period of pressure by iG. A botched dive means the majority of baron are lost on OMG. The second baron is picked up by iG and it was enough to win the game and take the series. West and Megan had a bad split but so far in the playoffs they’ve really performed.

LPL 2017 Summer Playoffs Round 2

Sick bracket eh?

WE vs NB

When these two teams met earlier in the summer split it was NB that came up on top. Team WE were still definitely the favourites to take the series, however. Could team NB use their momentum from yesterdays stomping of SS to propel themselves into a series victory here?

LPL 2017 Summer Playoffs Round 2 – WE vs NB Game 1 (0-0)

NB had a sizeable lead towards the mid game. A 20-minute baron (yet again ANOTHER early baron in the LPL playoffs) by NB looked like it could be the end of the game. A great double TP by WE saw the potential for a comeback begin. This snowballed into an inhibitor turret by WE. Could WE overturn this deficit and win the first game of the series?

This was potentially the most important game of the series as it was all about the momentum. The next baron went to WE and they used this to crack open the base of NB. Furthermore, it was now a fight between the late game monsters of Kog’maw and Tristana. You’d have definitely given the edge to the Kog’maw, as he had a Karma mid and a Lulu support to give him the Ardent Censer buff. Unfortunately for NB it was the combination of Tristana and Corki’s late game damage which shone through.

LPL 2017 Summer Playoffs Round 2 – WE vs NB Game 2 (1-0)

The ball was certainly in WE’s court. Could they use the momentum from a fantastic comeback in game 1 to snowball the series out of NB’s control? Again the game started off well for NB and they had a decent lead going into the mid game. Unfortunately, WE showed why they were contenders for both the best LPL team and for winners of worlds. By 25 minutes the 1.5k gold deficit had been overturned in favour of a 5k gold lead by WE. WE were certainly showing slight weaknesses in the very early game. Despite this, they were also showing unbelievable skill and effectiveness at playing from slightly behind and then snowballing games into their favour. Furthermore, their team fighting seemed absolutely unstoppable in this series. An elder dragon throw was the end of the game for NB.

LPL 2017 Summer Playoffs Round 2 – WE vs NB Game 3 (2-0)

Mystic was receiving a lot of respect and praise from the casters for his performances in game 1 and 2. True to the casters curse, however, his level 1 roam led to the necessity of him burning flash and heal incredibly early on. This lack of a summoner spell was eventually punished by the bot lane of NB, but this led to an absolute blood bath early on. A massive 5v5 fiesta eventually ended in a 4 for 2 in favour of NB. Again WE found themselves in a deficit. Despite being 2 turrets down and 1

Again WE found themselves in a deficit. Despite being 2 turrets down and 1 kill down, WE were only 800 gold behind. This was because of a huge CS advantage in both the jungle and ADC roles. NB looked as if they were losing their heads a little bit, and a suicide by Swift (NB Jungler) led to yet another 21-minute baron. WE used this to end the game and advanced to the semi-finals.

LPL 2017 Summer Playoffs Semifinals Predictions

RNG vs WE – A rematch of the finals, whoever wins this series will end up going to worlds. It’s a massive game for both teams. WE looked incredibly strong today, dispatching NB without much effort. Every single game saw WE overcome deficits. This is definitely something that RNG could expose. If RNG can expose this weakness then they could take WE on. If WE manage to only give a little bit of ground away, however, then it’s definitely going to be interesting

iG vs EDG – After iG’s performance today against OMG it will be tough for EDG. EDG had a bad final week of the LPL. Interestingly, this also included losing 2-0 to iG. Could iG replicate their success in week 10 of the LPL and defeat EDG again?

RNG vs WE (2-3)

iG vs EDG (3-1)

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