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LoL Worlds 2018 Play-In Stage Recap - Esportsranks
LoL Worlds 2018 Play-In Stage Recap

As much as we hate to see them leave, some of the best League of Legends talents are no longer with us in the Worlds 2018 stage. The LoL Worlds 2018 Play-In may have been full of excitement and action, but 8 teams aren’t going to be proceeding further into the tournament. However, that doesn’t really say much for what happened during the preliminary round. The LoL Worlds 2018 Play-In round gave us a good idea where the LoL scene is at.

For one, almost none of the teams played badly. Each of them brought something to the table and fought to their very limits. This was surprising because up until now the Play-Ins haven’t been treated as much of a serious round. This time, we almost got close to G2 Esports not making it beyond the LoL Worlds 2018 Play-In, which would have been extremely humiliating for the team and the region they represent.

Now that we’ve gotten to the main event, here’s a short recap of the LoL Worlds 2018 Play-In.

The Meta

So far, some picks have been extremely prominent and will have a definite weigh in on the future games that’ll be played at Worlds 2018 this week. The most outstanding champion in our mind is Kai’sa. This champion had a near 65% win-rate towards the end of the LoL Worlds 2018 Play-In round. At some points, it didn’t seem like it mattered which the better team was: the only thing that was significant was which team locked in Kai’sa in their draft.

Other than that, we saw Akali dish out extreme amounts of damage, and there were even damage dealers like Ryze in the top lane. Lee Sin, Nocturne and Skarner were prominent jungle picks, and it’s clear that the boring tank meta of last year is nowhere to be seen. Games are generally quick, and action-packed, which is exactly what the crowd wants in order to have a good time.

Dominating Teams

LoL Worlds 2018 Play-In

iBoy has a statement to make this year. (Image via LoL Esports Flickr)

Here’s a team that wasn’t dominating: G2 Esports. From one of the best teams that Europe has ever produced, we expected a far better performance. The upside for this team is that Perkz, their mid laner, didn’t have to carry each and every game like he did in the EU LCS Summer split. This time he made mistakes, and his team was there to cover for him … for the most part.

The teams that did take off were Cloud 9 and EDG. While we anticipated EDG’s exceptional playmaking, no one could forsee Cloud 9 playing as well as they did. C9 did end up with the easier opponent, so it’s difficult to gauge exactly how powerful they are at the moment.

In terms of relative playmaking, EDG was miles ahead of any other team in the LoL Worlds 2018 Play-In round. They’re here to contest for the cup itself, not to just make it past the Group stage.

G-Rex is a team that came up rather surprisingly and kicked SuperMassive out of the fight. Most people were expected SuperMassive to keep going forward due to the excellent roster they had this year. However, G-Rex drew those dreams to a sharp close as they battled it out with everything they had and emerged victories – ready to head over to the next round.

Which of these 3 outstanding teams do you think is going to continue winning in Worlds? Do you think the LoL Worlds 2018 Play-In round could have gone differently? Let us know in the comments below!

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