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LoL Worlds 2017 Semifinals – SKT Through to the Final - Esportsranks
LoL Worlds 2017 Semifinals – SKT Through to the Final

SKT win yet another Best of 5

RNG were knocked out of LoL Worlds 2017 by the reigning champions, SKT Telecom T1. Royal Never Give Up lived up to their name as they fought to the bitter end. But the SKT era did not end today, as they brought in Peanut at 2-1 down and managed to turn the series around.

One thing must be said in criticism of RNG. Faker obviously has tremendous amounts of success on Galio, who on this patch is one of the strongest mid laners. To allow him to pick it 5 games in a row seemed like a massive error and one which will potentially haunt RNG for the years to come. The series was incredibly exciting, but it is SKT who will face either Samsung Galaxy or WE in the final.

It would be an incredible story for WE to make it through to the final all the way from the play-ins. This will be tough as SSG beat Longzhu Gaming 3-0 in their quarter-final series. It is looking ever more likely to be a repeat of last years LoL Worlds 2016 final, and the same result could also be possible, thanks to Faker’s previous dominance against Crown in mid lane.

LoL Worlds 2017 – SKT T1 vs. RNG – Game 1

Some surprising picks came out of SKT this game, evidently learning from their series vs. Misfits. Wolf picked up Blitzcrank and Huni picked up Gangplank. SKT were being killed all over the map, and the Chinese crowd were going crazy.

After SKT’s near loss against Misfits, many people thought that RNG had a chance here. Game 1 was showing this. In the end, whilst RNG completed Baron, SKT attempted an incredibly risky Elder Drake. This was stolen (revenge for Misfits?) and SKT were wiped, with RNG ending the game straight after.

LoL Worlds 2017 – SKT T1 vs. RNG – Game 2

Ignar had obviously taught SKT a lot in their series together, as Wolf picked up Leona with fervor. Another surprising pick, this time out of RNG, as Mlxg picked up Nocturne. This was previously seen by those meta-breaks, GAM. Levi had much more success on it. Mlxg failed to have that massive impact.

A failed dive on Faker lost RNG even more pressure. SKT exerted massive pressure all over the map and continued with some great team-fighting. In the end, SKT snowballed and pushed forward for victory.

LoL Worlds 2017 – SKT T1 vs. RNG – Game 3

Uzi’s comfort pick came out yet again, as he picked up Vayne that he has become so famous for. A solo kill for Xiaohu under the turret vs. Faker (not something one can often type) gave RNG a massive amount of pressure in the early game.

Faker on Galio attempted to help his team all over the map, but he arrived slightly too late for a team fight in the bot lane. This gave RNG the advantage that eventually snowballed into a baron and the end of the game.

LoL Worlds 2017 Semi-final Day 1

LoLesports Flickr

LoL Worlds 2017 – SKT T1 vs. RNG – Game 4

Xiaohu was everywhere in the early game and was obviously desperate to carry his team into the final. However, Bang had other ideas. After some disastrous macro calls by RNG, SKT had a slight gold advantage but a definite pressure advantage.

Both teams had fantastic scaling comps, but it was Bang on Kog’maw who was carrying harder. An awful split team-fight by RNG gave SKT Baron. This was swiftly followed by RNG completely wiping SKT in a botched dive.

However, the damage was already done and despite the delay caused by the Soraka silence, Jarvan ulti, Rumble ulti and Twitch ulti combo, SKT finished the game a few minutes later.

LoL Worlds 2017 – SKT T1 vs. RNG – Game 5

Peanut was brought back in Game 4, showing an incredible amount of faith in the player who, it must be admitted, has been struggling. Huni, the other player who has received so much criticism from everyone, was playing very well. It was great to see these two players, who were blamed for much of SKT’s lack of success in the summer split, playing to their full potential.

Peanut level 2 ganked bot, followed by a flashy play by Huni top lane which netted them a kill and, eventually, the first turret of the game. The pressure was definitely on RNG, with Uzi and the squad yet again finding themselves in a game 5. Traditionally, Uzi has felt the pressure in Game 5s, and if history was anything to go by, this was likely to be a win from SKT.

SKT were on point. Peanut ad Huni looked incredibly relieved after this game. They smashed RNG in the early game and despite the massive amount of pressure exerted by RNG’s late game composition, a pick against Mlxg near baron gave SKT the big purple worm.

This was swiftly followed by a team-fight that gave them an even bigger advantage. The final team-fight was over the 4 stack Elder Drake and the resulting team-fight meant the end of the game. SKT is now knocking on the door of yet another World Championship title.

LoL Worlds 2017 Semi-final Day 1

LoLEsports flickr

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