LoL Worlds 2017 Semifinals Predictions – China or Korea?

The clash of kings in the LoL Worlds 2017 semifinals is anything but easy to make predictions for. Nevertheless, let’s explore both matchups

SKT T1 vs. RNG

Both teams proved to be beatable in their respective groups. SKT T1 lost against AHQ, and Royal Never Give Up lost against G2 Esports. Neither of these two losses mattered in the end, as both teams finished 5-1 in the end.

Now, Royal Never Give Up convincingly defeated Fnatic in the quarterfinals. Fnatic didn’t fix and polish their one-dimensional playstyle and overall strategy, so Royal Never Give Up simply followed the tried and tested script to beat the killers from EU LCS.

Meanwhile, SKT T1 had to dig deep in their quarterfinals series against Misfits Gaming. Granted, Misfits proved to be one of the toughest LCS cookies to swallow in this year’s worlds. However, for a three time champions, a rookie worlds team shouldn’t pose too much trouble. Yet, that’s exactly what happened.

LoL Worlds 2017 Group Stage

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With all this in mind, the worst thing to do would be to bet on either of these teams to win the game. Yes, SKT T1 are favourites, but Royal Never Give Up are playing on home turf in front of the home crowd, and they have utilized the opportunity and the atmosphere to the fullest so far.

Therefore, the only reasonable options are total kills. Total barons slain over 1.5 is at 5/6, total dragons slain over 3.5 is at 4/6, total towers destroyed over 12.5 is at 4/5 in the first 3 games. Total kills scored over 17.5 in the third game is at 4/6. None of these are flashy, but they make the most sense.

If you are feeling lucky though, Royal Never Give Up are at 10/3 to win worlds. I’d certainly give them the biggest chance of pulling an upset this year, and if they go through SKT T1 tomorrow, you’ll be happy to have placed that bet.

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WE vs. SSG

After Samsung Galaxy’s ridiculous sweep over Longzhu Gaming, you would think Team WE stood no chance on Sunday.

Things are that straightforward in these matchups. Samsung Galaxy are favourites to win and advance into finals for sure. But, Team WE defeated Misfits Gaming twice in group D, and we all know what almost happened recently.

LoL Worlds 2017 Quarterfinals Predictions Samsung Galaxy

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This is why betting on winners and losers here is the last thing you’ll want to do as well. In all 3 first games, total barons slain over 1.5 is at 4/6, total dragons slain over 3.5 is at 8/11 and total towers destroyed is at 5/6. As it usually happens in these series, the second and especially the third game tend to fall in line with these odds most consistently, because a losing team has that extra incentive of not losing another match.

Again, if you’re up for some wild stuff, you might want to opt for Samsung Galaxy to win 3-1 at 12/5 and 3-2 at 10/3, because Samsung Galaxy are favourites, and Team WE will take at least 1 win on Sunday.

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