LoL Worlds 2017 Quarter-finals – Longzhu vs. Samsung Galaxy – SSG Beat the Raid Bosses

Longzhu are going home

Longzhu Gaming are out of LoL Worlds 2017 after losing 3-0 in the first quarter-final. They were outplayed by SSG at every opportunity, and the elite squad who beat SKT in the LCK Summer Split Finals 3-1 have been sent home by SSG. Samsung Galaxy had beaten them before, in Week 5 of the Summer Split. However, to beat them after their completely dominant showing in the group stage is an impressive feat.

The loss of their biggest rival paves the way for SKT. They have struggled against Longzhu all season long and many foresaw a final between Longzhu and SKT. However, now that Longzhu Gaming have been beaten, it seems likely that SKT will win the entire tournament. They still have to take down Misfits, which Huni has said won’t be as easy as many people think. It may even be a repeat of last years final, SSG vs. SKT.

LoL Worlds 2017 Quarter-finals

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Game 1 – Longzhu vs. Samsung Galaxy LoL Worlds 2017 quarter-finals

This game was won, in part, by a fantastic pick by CuVVee. He was given the final pick against arguably the best player in the world, Khan. Instead of picking something meta, he picked the AP Kennen and made it work throughout the game.

Despite this, LZ managed to build up an early lead of themselves. However, BDD seemed tilted for some unknown reason and flashed in when Khan was in base just for a trade kill. This led to mid turret and baron for SSG. Samsung Galaxy then ran it down mid and took 3 turrets while Khan took one in the top lane. Longzhu had to try something desperate, and they tried a baron while CuVVee was bot without TP. However, SSG managed to win a 4v5 fight (5v5 with Baron on their side) and they ended the game shortly afterward.

LoL Worlds 2017 Quarter-finals

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Game 2 – Longzhu vs. Samsung Galaxy LoL Worlds 2017 quarter-finals

It seems quite a common and rudimentary error for teams to not ban things which dominated in previous games. This happened in the Worlds semi-finals 2016 when SKT didn’t ban Miss Fortune, despite the devasting combination of MF and Ashe which Rox brought to the table. It took SKT 2 losses to ban it. Similarly, Longzhu didn’t ban Sejuani in Game 2 or even in game 3, despite how over-powered it was on this patch and despite ambition having a great game on it the game before. This meant Ambition played Sejuani in all 3 games.

Another massive error was putting Cuzz (Longzhu jungler) on Jarvan instead of letting Khan play one of his comfort picks. Not that Khan played badly, but he couldn’t make as many plays on Cho’gath as he could have on J4.

SSG managed to get an early game lead, even managing to dive LZ early on with some great team play. An explosive team fight over a Cloud Drake gave them a massive gold lead, which was snowballed easily into a baron. SSG ended the game very soon afterward, with Crown having 100% kill participation and getting a quadra kill.

Game 3 – Longzhu vs. Samsung Galaxy LoL Worlds 2017 quarter-finals

Longzhu Gaming continued to be outplayed in the macro sense, which gave them a 3k gold lead at 25 minutes. Crown continued to play out of his mind, alongside his ADC Ruler. Both of them were completely dominant, even as Crown was on a slightly off-meta pick (Lissandra). Khan looked as if he had already admitted defeat, taking unnecessary fights on Trundle. In the end, an attempted 1vs5 by Khan led to the end of the game and the end of the series.

LoL Worlds 2017 Quarter-finals

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