LoL Worlds 2017 Quarter-finals Day 3 – Fnatic lose to Royal Never Give Up

Fnatic lose out despite a brave stand

After a heroic effort, FNC have lost 3-1 to RNG. They looked as if they might have been able to at least tie up the series, after a 55-minute long game 3 which went in their favour. However, RNG turned the pressure back on in the final game, and they are the penultimate team to make it through to the semi-finals. The hopes of the West now lie with NA third seed Cloud9, as they take on WE tomorrow. This will be the final LoL Worlds 2017 quarter-final.

LoL Worlds 2017 Quarter-final – FNC vs. RNG – Game 1

FNC started most games off well, and game 1 was no different. Broxah was all over the map, creating pressure and trying to carry Fnatic to victory. The main problem in this series for FNC was that RNG’s team-fighting was incredibly strong, and they consistently drafted team-fighting compositions to take the Europeans on. A general trend in these games was that FNC gained an early game lead, but RNG had better scaling and better late game decision making. Furthermore, Uzi was playing out of his mind alongside his mid laner, Xiaohu. Game 1 was fairly close, but RNG managed to push through with a far better late game comp and they had fantastic late game shot-calling, consistently picking up late game barons, turrets and inhibitors.

LoL Worlds 2017 Quarter-final – FNC vs. RNG – Game 2

FNC again started off with an early game lead. Rekkles got first blood on the Vayne pick, after a gank by Broxah. RNG answered with first turret, first drake and a kill in return. Caps was having a great series of games, but FNC needed a much bigger lead in order to win the game. A slight overextension by RNG meant FNC were back in the game with a good gold lead, which could easily be extended. Royal Never Give Up were repeatedly being caught out of position by FNC, perhaps this was due to over-confidence. The lead was snowballed by FNC into the first baron of the game, but the second baron of the game was stolen by Mlxg through the Cho’gath feast/smite combo and this was the beginning of the end for FNC. This allowed RNG to stall, take the next baron and end the game from it.

LoL Worlds 2017 Quarter-final – FNC vs. RNG – Game 3

This was a traditional FNC game. Uzi completely popped off on Kog’maw after an incredible early game gank by Mlxg. The problem for FNC was that Uzi continued to get kill after kill, even getting solo first turret gold. FNC had their backs against the wall and who stepped up? Who else but SoaZ. SoaZ ran RNG around the map, baiting them to chase him instead of ending the game. It was a classic FNC SoaZ game, as he split-pushed against the pressure of RNG. FNC managed to get triple inhibitor, which is incredibly difficult for anyone to come back from. In the end, it was a classic FNC Nexus rush to end the game, after killing Mlxg.

LoL Worlds 2017 Quarter-finals Day 3

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LoL Worlds 2017 Quarter-final – FNC vs. RNG – Game 4

After the last game, this one was definitely going to be exciting. They would need a humongous lead to end the game as RNG’s composition was really late-game focused. FNC managed to get a decent early game lead, with some great early game plays. Caps got solo killed in the mid game but Soaz answered with the first turret of the game. Another dive by FNC gave them, even more, advantages, however, Corki in the mid lane and Twitch as ADC got a few kills which let RNG back into the game. In the end, FNC’s lead wasn’t enough and they didn’t have the damage to quickly take a baron. This allowed RNG back into the game and a final team fight cut the European’s dreams short, if C9 lose against WE tomorrow then it will be an all Asian affair in the semi-finals.

LoL Worlds 2017 Quarter-finals Day 3

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