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LoL Worlds 2017 Group Stage Day 5, Unbelievably FNC are Through! - Esportsranks
LoL Worlds 2017 Group Stage Day 5, Unbelievably FNC are Through!

The LoL Worlds 2017 group stage groups are decided one day at a time from now on. Today was the day of group B. Each team played each team once, and then tiebreakers were also played out.

IMT vs. GAM – GAM win

This saw the first Urgot of the Worlds 2017. Who else but the GAM? They needed to pull out something special to stay in Worlds. Utilising the Kayn and Urgot pick, the Marines pushed past Immortals to tie up the head to head. This meant the group was much more open.

LZ vs. FNC – LZ win

FNC desperately needed a win against the kings of Korea. LZ were making the macro plays all across the map, taking turrets, dragons and the rift herald. Despite this, FNC were fighting back, taking turrets of their own. LZ were very far ahead in gold by 22 minutes, however. This led to a baron at 22 minutes. Khan looked amazing on his signature Jayce pick, and he was backed up by both BDD and Pray who helped carry LZ to a 31-minute victory.

LoL Worlds 2017

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FNC vs. IMT – FNC win

It was do or die time for FNC now. If they lost this they were guaranteed to be out of worlds. It was a macro game in the early game, until an infernal drake fight led to the first surge of kills in the game. Baron was picked up by FNC, but the game was still incredibly close. FNC managed to end the game after a successful team fight, and a massive mistake by Cody Sun flashing into the entire FNC team.

GAM vs. LZ – LZ win

The most exciting thing about Worlds 2017 has to be GAM’s champ selects. They blessed us with a Rengar jungle and Zilean support in their game vs. LZ. Yet again LZ matched GAM’s aggression and they were diving GAM incredibly early on. GAM managed to secure the first baron that has been taken against LZ at Worlds so far. LZ then completed the biggest comeback of Worlds 2017, besting SKT T1’s comeback against EDG. What a game!

GAM vs. FNC – FNC win

GAM pulled their Urgot/Kayn combo out of the back pocket again in this game. It was a fiesta, but it was in FNC’s favour this time. SoaZ was huge, metaphorically and physically on the Cho’gath. FNC looked as if they were finally showing up at worlds, and after a disastrous first week, they were beginning to turn it around.

LZ vs. IMT – LZ win

The game was incredibly close in the early game, with both teams picking skirmishes. A misplay by Flame, attempting to flash feast baron (but failing) meant LZ got baron. After this, LZ picked up Elder Drake, another baron and the game. This forced a 3-way tiebreaker between FNC, GAM and IMT for the other spot in the quarter-finals.

IMT vs FNC – Tiebreaker #1 – FNC win

FNC looked dominant yet again, as they played the macro game better and had more kills than IMT. This led to a 20-minute nash on all 5 members and they continued knocking on IMT’s door, before managing to knock IMT out of LoL Worlds 2017.

FNC vs. GAM – Tiebreaker #2 – FNC win

FNC played the macro game insanely well today. This game was no different, as they picked up 3 turrets with none in answer from GAM. Despite SoaZ getting camped, he stayed equal with his opposing number. FNC threw an early game lead after Rekkles got caught out without flash. A decisive baron 4v4 baron call got them back into the game, however. FNC booked their tickets in the quarter-finals after some godlike plays from SoaZ and Caps, the veteran and the newbie.

LoL Worlds 2017

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