LoL Worlds 2017 – Group Stages Day 4 – LZ Dominant, G2 Throw

LoL Worlds 2017 – Group Stages Day 4

Team WE vs. Flash Wolves – Team WE win

Team WE continued their decent run in the LoL worlds 2017 group stage, while simultaneously handing FW their third consecutive loss. The FW would need to see some significant improvements if they intend on becoming relevant at Worlds next year.

WE worked together as a team, not allowing their defeat at the hands of TSM yesterday to get them down. FW tried to compete, but WE were too strong. In the end, FW had no answers for WE’s draft. It definitely seems as if the home crowd advantage is working, except for EDG.

LoL worlds 2017 group stage day 4

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Misfits vs. TSM – Misfits win

Misfits were on fire today. They lost against WE in their first game, but since then they’ve been playing out of their minds. They took down FW yesterday and they took down TSM in a close run affair today. Doublelift didn’t have a great game, which can almost certainly be attributed to Misfits banning Tristana.

Credit must be given to Misfit’s game plan, banning the ADC which Doublelift has been popping off on and having great peel for Hans Sama meant that Misfits took down the NA kings.

LoL worlds 2017 group stage day 4

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Gigabyte Marines vs. Immortals – IMT win

A mistake by Immortals early on looked as if it may have given GAM the win. However, Xmithie had something to say about that. IMT repeatedly ganked bot lane, completely abusing Nevan’s decision to take ignite heal as a support. Although this strategy may have helped them in their game against FNC, it didn’t help them now.

This early game pressure was snowballed into a decent lead. Although GAM tried their best to win the game through aggression, their deficit was too big and IMT pulled off another win.

Longzhu Gaming vs. Fnatic – LZ win

Longzhu continued their dominant run, winning their third game against FNC. Khan brought out the Nasus and made the pick work. SoaZ had a smile on his face as Khan took him down solo. In the end, Longzhu had a perfect game. LZ now looked as if they were favourites or second favourites to take the entire tournament.

1907 Fenerbahce Esports vs. Samsung Galaxy – SSG win

Heartbreak for Fenerbahce as they almost completed a mammoth comeback. SSG started off incredibly strongly, after bringing in substitute jungler Haru. Crash in the jungle and Frozen in the mid lane started the fight back.

At the 36 minute mark, FB managed to gain a lead for the first time. It looked as if they would take the game. However, a potentially game-changing polymorph by CoreJJ meant that Frozen died instantly, without even being able to ulti back on Ekko. This meant SSG snatched the game from the jaws of defeat.

G2 vs. Royal Never Give Up – RNG win

The definition of a baron throw can be seen in this game. RNG took a very respectable early lead, but some great decision making by G2 meant the game was incredibly close. A sneaky baron followed by a Ryze ultimate out and G2 were ahead. However, G2 were wiped (but one) at baron and RNG took the game.

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