LoLWorlds 2017 Group Stage Day 2 Recap: NA Sweep, EDG Fans Weep

Worlds 2017 Group Stages Day 2 Recap

TSM vs. FW

It looked as if the West were going to have another bad day at the beginning of LoL Worlds 2017 Group Stage day 2. After not winning a single game yesterday, Western teams were desperate to show that they could compete with the teams from Asia. Luckily for Western and NA fans, TSM managed to overturn a deficit and a poor early game to win an absolute slogger of a game.

TSM fans were biting their nails all the way until the end of the game. Doublelift managed to get a couple of picks, and a failed base race by FW turned into the West’s first victory at Worlds 2017.

Worlds 2017 group stages day 2

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MSF vs. WE

MSF’s bottom lane struggled in what was a slow build up. WE played it clean and went into the mid game with a massive lead. Misfits never really stood a chance of getting back into the game, only taking one turret to stop WE having a perfect game.


FNC had a massive lead in the early game. 2 kills on Twitch made it seem as if they were guaranteed to win. Couple this with 2 Infernal drakes vs. 2 Cloud drakes and it’s almost unbelievable that FNC ended up losing. A terrible decision by Rekkles to flash in solo, in an attempt to kill Pobelter, led to a botched base race by FNC and IMT taking home the bacon.

Worlds 2017 group stages day 2

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LZ vs. GAM

After GAM took down FNC yesterday in such interesting fashion, this was going to be interesting. If anyone could upset LZ it was GAM. However, an amazing 3-minute dive by LZ meant that they were able to snowball the game. A 20-minute baron and the relentless pushing by LZ sealed the game at 23 minutes.

AHQ vs. C9

After ahq took apart EDG yesterday, it was perfectly conceivable that C9 could be beaten today. All of the analysts went for C9, but ahq wouldn’t go down without a fight. C9 got a decent early game lead, with the help of Contractz on Ezrael. The pressure was relentless and C9 completed NA’s clean sweep of day 2 of the group stages.

EDG vs. SKT T1

After EDG’s surprise loss against AHQ yesterday, most would have had SKT T1 as shoe-ins this game. They picked a scaling composition, but EDG tore them apart in the early game. A 9,000 gold lead at 25 minutes seemed almost impossible to come back from.

However, a 5 man Rakan ulti, followed by a 4 man shockwave, meant SKT began a comeback to end all comebacks. The gold lead was now reduced to 5k. Another team fight victory and everything was level, except SKT T1 had both baron and elder buffs. In the end, it was the scaling composition which meant victory to SKT.