LoL Worlds 2017 Group Stage Day 8 Predictions – Cloud9 Last Hope for NA

The final day of LoL Worlds 2017 group stage will give us a definitive answer to a couple of questions.

First of all, was Edward Gaming’s 0-3 score so far just an unfortunate fluke? Or are they really not ready for this year’s worlds?

Second, is Cloud9 really back to its peak form?

Last, but not least, can ahq e-Sports Club pose any meaningful challenge for the top 2 spots?

Let’s dig deeper into the betting options for each of these teams’ second encounters.

AHQ vs. SKT T1

SKT T1’s first victory against AHQ wasn’t really that one sided.

AHQ actually managed to snatch 2 kills, a tower kill and a dragon before SKT T1 finally took the control of the game. Even then, AHQ remained competitive until the very end, when they got aced. It’s no surprise the game lasted almost 40 minutes.

Based on that, AHQ to draw first blood at 11/8 and to destroy the first tower at 13/8 both look quite appealing. There were relatively few kills in their first game, so total kills under 17.5 at 8/11 is probably the best choice of all for this game.

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EDG vs. C9

LoL Worlds 2017 Group Stage Day 8 Betting Analysis EDG vs C9

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Cloud9’s win over Edward Gaming came up as a mini-upset. It served as a reminder that regional and international competitions are two vastly different beasts.

Historically, NA teams always choke in the second round of the group stage. However, Cloud9’s landslide victory over EDG looked so convincing. It’s very hard to ignore the 5/4 odds to win the game again.

Cloud9 is also at 10/11 to draw first blood, 5/4 to destroy the first inhibitor, evens to destroy the first tower and also evens to slay the first dragon.


If Cloud9 defeating Edward Gaming raised some eyebrows, EDG’s Day 1 defeat at the hands of AHQ was a jaw-dropper right off the bat.

Now, the game was a 54-minute long back and forth between the two Asian teams. Neither side gained any meaningful edge until the fateful AHQ’s baron kill.

Based on the first game length, kills, towers, dragons and barons, there are plenty of betting picks to choose from. Total kills over 18.5 at 10/11, total barons slain over 1.5 at 11/10, total dragons slain over 3.5 at evens and total towers destroyed over 12.5 at 10/11. These are all great options for tomorrow’s match.

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LoL Worlds 2017 Group Stage Day 8 Betting Analysis AHQ

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C9 vs. SKT T1

It’s no surprise that SKT T1 is towering over everybody else in group A. C9 got quickly outclassed in their first game against the world champions. Therefore, the only good option here are total kills under 17.5 at 4/5. Avoid everything else.

C9 vs. AHQ

AHQ was the first real test for C9. The NA LCS veterans passed it with flying colours. Again, total kills scored under 19.5 at 5/6 is a good pick here. So are total towers destroyed under 12.5 at 5/6 as well. The dragons are a bit riskier, but at 11/10 for under 3.5 total dragons slain, it’s not a bad deal either.


The first game was a 40+ minute slaughterhouse. The Chinese champions managed to accumulate so much lead and control, only for SKT T1 to come back from one of the biggest deficits of the tournament.

It shouldn’t be any less entertaining this time around. If EDG manage to establish early and mid game control, it’s certainly possible they destroy the first inhibitor at 5/2 and the first tower at 11/8, as well slay the first baron at 9/4 and the first dragon at 11/8.

Expect the total number of kills to go way over 18.5 at 5/6 too. Total barons slain over 1.5 is at 11/10, while total towers destroyed over 12.5 is at evens. These last two are probably the safest picks of all.

LoL Worlds 2017 Group Stage Day 8 Betting Analysis SKT T1

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This is going to be a day of totals and firsts. The trends, playstyle and meta differences have definitely been revealed, so you can go deep and hard for tomorrow.

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