LoL Worlds 2017 Group Stage Day 8, Group A – SKT T1 Through, Cloud9 Will Represent NA!

LoL Worlds 2017 Group A finally took to the rift, after some kind of organisational nightmare lead up to Group A appearing last. This was the group which saw SKT T1 sitting comfortably at the top, trailed by C9, ahq and EDG respectively. After Fnatic’s amazing run the other day, was it likely we would see another team come out of nowhere into the quarter-finals?

SKT T1 vs. AHQ

Faker went down for first blood, which gave ahq an early advantage. Ahq’s early game aggression looked as if SKT had yet again been caught out early on. Ahq were beyond relentless, slaying SKT T1 repeatedly all over the map. The gold lead and the fact that SKT T1’s carries couldn’t do anything vs. a fed Fizz and a tanky Sejuani, meant that SKT were handed their first loss at LoL Worlds 2017. Could the Titans capitulate? Unlikely, but not impossible.

EDG vs. C9

C9 were looking to represent NA in the quarter-finals, after Team Solo Mid and Immortals had both been sent home early. They would have to have a good day, however, after ahq beat SKT T1 early on. EDG started off looking more like the team they were expected to be. EDG’s early game pressure continued into the mid-late game. They used the second Baron of the game to close it out, while C9 fans chewed their nails.


ahq E-sports Club could end Edward Gaming’s Worlds 2017 run right now if they could overcome Clearlove7’s team. However Ahq subbed Westdoor for Chawy, and iBoy completely popped off on the Twitch, and got a triple kill. Early on. In a meta of scaling ADCs and Ardent supports, iBoy on Twitch with Lulu being so strong meant a comeback was impossible and EDG stayed in worlds (for now).

SKT T1 vs. C9

The fizz came out again, this time on the hands of Faker. Bang was on Twitch again and both players got early kills. The damage they both brought to the table was too much for the one tank of Impact, and C9 lost for the second time today. Although the gold was close throughout, the pressure was always in favour of SKT T1. SKT secured first seed from Group D.

LoL Worlds 2017 Group Stage Group A

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C9 vs. AHQ

A solo kill by Ziv was immediately answered by a gank in mid lane by Contractz. C9 managed to repeatedly out-macro ahq and gave themselves a massive early-mid game lead. The pressure exerted by the NA representatives led to ahq being eliminated from Worlds and C9 praying for an SKT T1 win against Edward Gaming in the next game.

SKT T1 vs. EDG

If EDG won this game, they would force a tiebreaker with C9 and be one step closer to completing a fantastic on-the-day comeback, similar to that of Fnatic. If SKT won then C9 were through to the quarter-finals.

SKT T1 had nothing to fight for, and early on EDG built a 3k gold lead. The snowball looked unstoppable. Huni went into split push mode and the scaling composition that they had built was put on the back burners.

However, almost unbelievably, SKT T1 came back from another massive gold deficit. Bang on the Twitch yet again managed to get a few kills. Scout tried to assassinate Wolf on Janna but was OOM when he went in, effectively suiciding. This gave SKT a team fight win. Furthermore, they then caught iBoy, took baron, won team fight after team fight and ended EDG’s Worlds 2017 hopes and dreams. C9 took second seed, while SKT took first.

LoL Worlds 2017 Group Stage Group A

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C9 will be thankful to SKT (unless they meet them later at Worlds 2017)