LoL Worlds 2017 Group Stage Day 7, Group D Recap – Team Solo Mid Out, Misfits and World Elite Through

LoL Worlds 2017 Group Stage Day 7 – Group D Recap

Today saw LoL Worlds 2017 Group D take to the rift, with TSM, MSF, WE and FW all fighting for a spot in the Quarter-finals.

FW vs. MSF – MSF win

Misfits started their day off right when they overturned a humongous deficit to hand the FW their 4th loss in a row. Ignar pulled out the Thresh pick and made it work throughout the game. FW were now out of Worlds, but still had a part to play.

WE vs. TSM – WE win

WE brought things level between themselves and Team Solo Mid, after they took down the NA representatives in a completely dominant game. Team World Elite were now looking like they would take the top seed, with either TSM or Misfits Gaming joining them in the quarter-finals.

FW vs. WE – WE win

LoL Worlds 2017 Day 7

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Flash Wolves played their best, however WE were pretty dominant yet again. Their team play looked very strong, and FW began to fall apart a little bit towards the end. They have had a very bad worlds, considering they were supposed to be so dominant.

MSF vs. TSM – TSM win

Some very risky picks from Misfits saw Blitzcrank and Yasuo on the rift. This paid off in the early game, as first blood went across to Ignar’s Blitzcrank. This pressure continued, but in the mid game Team Solo Mid started to fight back in a big way. TSM managed to build a massive gold lead, thanks to some nifty team fighting. Team Solo Mid managed to level the score between themselves and Misfits, with both teams sitting at 3-2.

TSM vs. FW – FW win

FW decided that they weren’t leaving Worlds without a win. They managed to build themselves a huge gold lead in the early game, which was snowballed into a baron and a scaling composition. This meant that Team Solo Mid’s Worlds 2017 dreams were now pinned on a WE win vs. Misfits.

LoL Worlds 2017 Day 7

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MSF vs. WE – WE win

This was a game which started off in the bot lane. A straight up 2v2 fight win from Hans Sama and Ignar gave Misfits a good early game lead. Misfits had a great early game, but WE managed to turn the game around after some fantastic team fighting. This led to a baron and in the end, Team World Elite showed why they were the top seed in Group D.

TSM vs. MSF – Tiebreaker – MSF win

The NA vs. EU classic was always going to be an exciting one. Before the group stage, TSM were definitely the favourites in this match-up. However, after Misfits beat TSM in their first game and TSM evened things out in their second, either team could feasibly be going to the quarter-finals.

It was a late first blood to the Europeans, and it was predominantly a macro game for the first 20 minutes. Hauntzer picked up the Jayce, and was struggling vs. Cho’Gath thanks to some ganks from his mid laner and jungler. This led to an early baron and Misfits started to break TSM’s base early on. With 2 inhibitors down it looked all over for TSM. Misfits knocked TSM out of Worlds, and Team Solo Mid continued their poor run at international tournaments. Misifts, on the other hand, will be competing in the quarter-finals!

LoL Worlds 2017 Day 7

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