LoL Worlds 2017 Group Stage Day 7 Betting Analysis

LoL Worlds 2017 Group Stage Day 7 brings about the closest group of all. With Team WE, Misfits Gaming and Team Solo Mid all bringing a 2-1 score into the second round tomorrow, Group D is poised to match the excitement of Day 5, if not even exceed it. Here’s a betting analysis of tomorrow’s games.

MSF vs. FW

Flash Wolves have been nothing but losing in this tournament, so their only hope is to win everything tomorrow, with one other team losing everything. That is even less likely to happen than Fnatic miraculously qualifying 2 days ago.

Nevertheless, the odds are slightly in Flash Wolves’ favour. Misfits are at 5/4 to win, and seeing how they won the first match so dominantly, it’s one of the top picks for tomorrow. Misfits to destroy the first inhibitor at 11/10 falls in line with the winner bet as well, with group qualification at 6/4 sealing the deal for good.

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WE vs. TSM

TSM won in their first encounter off of superior objective and macro plays coupled hard scaling in the end. Team WE took the first kills though, so WE to draw first blood at 5/6 is a good pick for start.

TSM to slay the first dragon and the first baron at 5/6 is a viable option as well. WE to destroy the first inhibitor is also at 5/6. Basically, all the viable picks here are 5/6, so plenty of option to choose from.

FW vs. WE

Team WE seemed to have struggled the most against Flash Wolves. They won convincingly in the end, but Flash Wolves managed to ace them in the midgame portion of the first game. The Asian stand-off got pretty bloody in the end.

Team WE are favoured across the board, so there aren’t that many viable options for betting. Based purely on the first game, total barons slain under 1.5 at evens looks promising, albeit a bit riskier than the rest. Also, total towers destroyed under 12.5 at 11/10 looks juicy, considering there were only 9 tower kills in their first encounter.

LoL Worlds 2017 Group Stage Day 7 Betting Analysis Flash Wolves WE

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Misfits’ victory over TSM in their first game really cemented their status as legitimate #2 EU seed. With Fnatic miraculously pushing through, and G2 getting eliminated in the group of death, Misfits’ chances of qualifying for quarterfinals look the best of all three EU LCS teams.

Right of the bat, Misfits to win at 15/8 is probably the best pick for tomorrow. Misfits to destroy the first inhibitor at 13/8 is right behind the first one. At 6/4 to kill the first baron, Misfits are a real goldmine of juicy options in this game.

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TSM vs. FW

Surely, TSM will need a win here much more than Flash Wolves, no matter what. The first game was a wild ride that lasted almost an hour. Very little kills in the end, but dragons, barons and towers were falling like dominoes, as the balance and control of the game was swinging back and forth.

Based on that, total kills under 20.5 at 4/5 looks to be one of the safest bets out there. Also, total barons slain over 1.5 at 4/6 looks promising as well.

LoL Worlds 2017 Group Stage Day 7 Betting Analysis TSM

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MSF vs. WE

Team WE are the only team to defeat Misfits, finishing them in 27 minutes with a flawless 9-0 kill score in the end. With such one-sided victory, there aren’t that many good betting choices other than total kills scored under 18.5 at evens.

Now, of all three 2-1 teams at the moment, Misfits are arguably the least favoured to win the group. Nevertheless, at 9/2 for a group winner, it’s hard to ignore.


With three teams finishing 2-1 after the first round of matches, this is one of the closest group of all. Misfits have far exceeded the expectations so far, so counting on them to win and qualify would not be the craziest thing ever. It’s a clash of playstyles and metas – you have to look at how each team stacks up against each other team individually, and bet accordingly.

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