LoL Worlds 2017 Group Stage Day 6 – Royal Never Give Up and Samsung Galaxy Through, G2 Esports and Fenerbahce Going Home

Today was Group C, with Royal Never Give Up and Samsung Galaxy managing to secure first and second seed respectively. They headed to the quarter-finals of LoL Worlds 2017, after an exciting day of games.

G2 vs. RNG

G2 had to start their day off right, in order to keep their LoL Worlds 2017 dreams alive. They managed to hand Royal Never Give Up their first loss, after snowballing an early game lead (off the back of some great jungling by Trick) into victory. Zven had a great game, and G2 Esports looked to stay competitive, but they still had a long day left.

SSG vs. FB

1907 Fenerbahce Espor were knocked out of Worlds 2017 by the Koreans. This came from some great team play by Samsung Galaxy. Their team fighting was simply better than the Turkish team, and SSG continued their good run in the groups. Heartbreak for FB, but they should be proud of their strong showing in the play-ins.

LoL Worlds 2017 Day 6

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SSG vs. G2

A risky Zac pick by G2 didn’t pay off. G2 Esports had to win this game to stay in Worlds, but they were beaten by the Koreans. Samsung Galaxy have looked strong, but not infallible, in the group stage. Despite this, they still managed to knock out both G2 and FB.

LoL Worlds 2017 Day 6

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FB vs. SSG

Royal Never Give Up picked up the Vayne, which is a signature pick of Uzi. Despite his support giving up first blood, Uzi powered up through farm, turrets, and kills. This slowly led to Uzi being strong enough to pop off and fight through the Turkish line-up. RNG and SSG were now neck and neck and would face off in the final game of Group C to see who would take first and who would take second seed.

FB vs. G2

With both teams already being eliminated, this game saw the first Yasuo of Worlds 2017. It was an incredibly long game, and it was also very exciting. G2 lost all their inhibs, a few barons, but in the end, G2 managed to take the game and gave Fenerbahce their 6th straight loss at Worlds.


This was effectively a tiebreaker, although it wasn’t supposed to be. Both teams were sitting at 4-1. Whoever won this game gained first seed from Group C. An almost bronze level dive by Mlxg gave Samsung Galaxy first blood. Both teams had good scaling, but RNG managed to get baron and they started pushing through to end the game. A huge, bloody 20-minute fight went in favour of RNG and the gold lead opened up. RNG looked like they deserved the first seed from Group C and secured it with some great team play.

LoL Worlds 2017 Day 6

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