LoL Worlds 2017 Group Stage Day 5 Betting Analysis

We’re half way through the LoL Worlds 2017 Group Stage and we have a much clearer picture of where each team stands. There are a bunch of opportunities for betting, so let’s see what options are out there.


Judging by the outcome of Sunday’s match, Immortals have all it takes to beat a tricky team that is GIGABYTE Marines. While every game is different, GIGABYTE Marines displayed enough competence to make Immortals work for the win.

Due to that, Immortals to first get to 10 kills at 8/13, to draw first blood at 4/5 and to slay the first baron at 8/13 are all decent options. Total barons slain over 1.5 at 10/11 and total dragons slain over 3.5 at 8/11 are also more than viable.

Steer away from anything involving GIGABYTE Marines. The odds are juicy, but Immortals is arguably the best team to beat GIGABYTE Marines at any given day.

LZ vs. FNC

Longzhu Gaming and Fnatic also played against each other on Sunday. The outcome was more than expected.

Longzhu Gaming spared no time to defeat Fnatic. It took them less than 21 minutes to smash the EU prodigy, adding up a third loss to Fnatic’s disappointing LoL Worlds 2017 group stage run.

Due Longzhu Gaming’s clean and quick victory, the options are scarce. Longzhu is at 1/2 to slay the first dragon, which is a no brainer really. Total towers destroyed under 12.5 at 4/7 holds very little risk as well, as does Longzhu to draw first blood at 4/7 as well.


The duo met on the second day, and it didn’t go well for Fnatic. However, Immortals definitely showed signs of struggle, as they were constantly on the back-foot, winning solely on teamwork and better macro-plays.

This is definitely the best matchup for Fnatic. Winning at 6/5 is as good as it can get for them. Immortals to slay the first dragon at 4/5 is certainly a much better option though. Total dragons slain over 3.5 at 8/11 and total towers destroyed over 12.5 at 4/6 can accompany your picks as well.

GAM vs. LZ

LoL Worlds 2017 Group Stage Day 5 Betting Analysis GAM

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Longzhu Gaming made a massacre out of GIGABYTE Marines on the second day, finishing the Vietnamese in 24 minutes with 17 to 2 kills.

GIGABYTE Marines only managed to kill Riftherald. On the other hand, Longzhu took down a baron, 2 dragons and 9 towers.

Due to such overwhelming victory, the only viable options out there are Longzhu to draw first blood at 8/15 and to slay the first dragon at 4/9. Everything else is a loser’s game.


Seeing GIGABYTE Marines beat Fnatic on the first day was one of the biggest upsets of the LoL Worlds 2017 Group Stage.

The game only lasted for 24 minutes, but there were 33 total kills, a testament of how bloody it was for the entire duration of the match.

This is definitely a matchup Fnatic can win if they manage to establish their trademark control of the game. However, GIGABYTE Marines really look more than capable of dealing with Fnatic’s aggression.

Due to all that, our recommendations are GIGABYTE Marines to win at 11/10, to destroy the first tower at 10/11, to destroy the first inhibitor at 11/10 and Fnatic to draw first blood at 4/5

IMT vs. LZ

If there’s a team with even a remote chance of beating Longzhu Gaming in group B, it’s Immortals. However, they are still miles behind the Korean monster.

Of all the markets, I’d say the best choice is Immortals to slay the first dragon at 13/8. At least that’s what they did in their first game against Longzhu. Everything else is heavily favoured towards Longzhu, so it’s best to skip it altogether.

LoL Worlds 2017 Group Stage Day 5 Betting Analysis Immortals

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The safest route is to avoid anything that has to do with Longzhu Gaming. The rest is fair game. Fnatic vs. Immortals and GIGABYTE Marines vs. Fnatic offer probably the most variety of all. Stay on the safe side this time, no risks.