LoL Worlds 2017 Group Stage Day 4 Betting Analysis

With the final day of LoL Worlds 2017 Group Stage schedule for tomorrow, the time is ripe for winning big on last-minute odds. Here’s Esportsranks newest betting analysis of group stage matches and team expectations.

WE vs. FW

Right off the bat, WE to win at 8/13 looks promising. They definitely need a win to solidify their chances of qualifying for quarterfinals. Meanwhile, Flash Wolves are 0-2 so far. They likely won’t be as pumped to play their best because they’re at the bottom of Group B.


LoL Worlds 2017 Group Stage Day 4 Betting Analysis TSM

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Misfits still stand a reasonable chance at advancing if they defeat TSM, but that’s a tough prospect seeing how awesome TSM looked against WE and Flash Wolves. Nevertheless, 13/2 to qualify from groups looks dangerously juicy.

TSM is at 1/2 to win the group looks much more promising though, so stick to that for the most part.


Immortals are at 4/9 to qualify from group. GIGABYTE Marines are a tough matchup, but IMT have almost unrivalled synergy and teamplay to counter all of their weird and off-meta picks, plays and strategies. This is more than enough to warrant a bet.

On the other hand, GIGABYTE Marines sit at 2/1 to qualify from group as well. Better odds, but realistically, Immortals are slightly favoured here and should be advancing into the knockouts.

FNC vs. LZ

This year’s LCK summer split was marked by Longzhu. They assembled a killer roster that played freakishly well throughout the whole ordeal, and continues to do so now at LoL Worlds 2017 Group Stage. At 1/2 to reach the final, Longzhu is certainly a prime candidate to pick for this vertical.

Fnatic has definitely been exposed, but they’re a young team with rookies in critical roles. They’ll surely come in stronger next year.

LoL Worlds 2017 Group Stage Day 4 Betting Analysis FNC

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You should definitely go for Longzhu to not lose a map at 25/1. It looks almost too good to be true, but it’s real. If there’s a team to win it all this year, it’s Longzhu.

FB vs. SSG

Nothing stands out in this matchup at all. SSG are going to win it for sure, so just ignore it completely.

RNG vs. G2

Royal Never Give Up are by far the best pick to win the group at 11/8. They’re more than half-way there anyway, and beating G2 is a much easier task than defeating Samsung Galaxy today. Hopefully, they don’t underestimate the G2 tomorrow, as the EU LCS champs are still a threat to behold.

Betting Summary

Focus on “easy” pickins for tomorrow for the most part. Namely, WE to win at 8/13, TSM to win the group at 1/2, Longzhu to not lose a map at 25/1 and RNG win the group at 11/8. Everything else is too hot to play with at the moment.