LoL Worlds 2017 – Group Stage Day 3, Great Day for the West

LoL Worlds 2017 – Group Stage Day 3

TSM vs. WE – TSM Wins

TSM are working their hardest to break from tradition. NA have traditionally not shown up internationally. However, after overcoming yet another early game deficit, they are now 2-0 up in the LoL Worlds 2017 Group stages. WE are tough opponents, but Doublelift was playing out of his mind, yet again. Although credit has to go to all of TSM, the last team fight was won thanks to some nifty work from TSM’s ADC. Teams should probably start banning Tristana vs. Doublelift.

LoL Worlds 2017 - Group Stages Day 3

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MSF vs. FW – MSF Wins

Misfits became the first European team to win a game at Worlds 2017, after taking down FW. They played the game incredibly well, being patient and taking objectives when they could. Not a single MSF player died, and Hans Sama made up for his bad performance yesterday to help push MSF to victory.

LoL Worlds 2017 - Group Stages Day 3

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FB vs. G2 – G2 Wins

Fenerbahce were amazing in the play-ins. This didn’t appear to spill over into the group stages, however. G2 were dominant. Despite not getting many kills, G2 starved FB out, whilst also taking all the resources for themselves. Couple this with the scaling comp that FB drafted and the game was over without too much blood being spilled.

SSG vs. RNG – RNG Wins

Both teams were sitting at 1-0, so it was definitely going to be tough going. A 4-man dive onto SSG’s top laner at 10 minutes netted RNG first blood and the first turret. RNG kept the aggression up, not really giving SSG time to breathe. Uzi popped off on the Tristana and the home team took the victory on the first Baron of the game.

SKT vs. AHQ – SKT Wins

AHQ brought in Chawy, substituting out Westdoor. Early on, AHQ got a few advantages, but you can never count SKT out, especially after their game vs. EDG yesterday. SKT T1 really are something special, often being down in kills but being ahead in tempo, gold, and objectives. Bang again popped off on the Twitch and Peanut stole an Elder drake to end the game in style.

LoL Worlds 2017 - Group Stages Day 3

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C9 vs. EDG – C9 Wins

C9 were looking to continue the great run NA was having. EDG would be 0-3 if they lost this, which would have been incredibly hard to predict before the start of Worlds. Contractz brought the Graves back and helped pressure Scout in the mid lane. Scout seemed tilted as he continued to die, with no answer from EDG.

In the end, C9 had built up enough of a lead in the mid game to take a 30-minute baron. Jensen again popped off and helped carry his team to a much-needed victory.

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