LoL Worlds 2017 Group Stage Day 3 Betting Analysis

LoL Worlds 2017 Group Stage Day 3 will feature a plethora of power gauging matchups. NA LCS champs TSM will take on LPL #3 Team WE, LMS winners Flash Wolves will clash with EU LCS #2 Misfits and Korean #3 Samsung Galaxy will fight Chinese #2 Royal Never Give Up.

While an average viewer will be in for a treat, betting aficionados are faced with a considerable challenge. Let’s see what betting options are viable for LoL Worlds 2017 Group Stage Day 3.

TSM vs. WE

Right of the bat, TSM at 6/5 to win the game is a prime pick for tomorrow. WE is at 7/10 to win, but despited the underdog status here, TSM with Doublelift and Bjergsen is certainly on par with the Chinese veterans. Look out for Team WE to draw first blood at 4/5 as well.

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FW vs. MSF

If Misfits channel their EU LCS Playoffs form, they can certainly parry Flash Wolves. Realistically though, Flash Wolves got this in the bag. The game is most likely going to take some time. Misfits will be fired up after today’s loss. Therefore, total barons slain over 1.5 at evens seems to be the most optimal choice for this pair.

LoL Worlds 2017 Group Stage Day 3 Betting Flash Wolves

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G2 vs. FB

Despite Fenerbahçe overpowering LMS #3 Hong Kong Attitude in Group D, and subsequently beating the Brazilians Team oNe Esports in the knockouts, G2 Esports is at least a level above those two teams. G2 has had their fair share of problems this year, but Fenerbahçe is certainly a team they can beat on any given day.

G2 is at 1/3 to win. Not great, but passable at least. Fenerbahçe is at 2/1 to slay the first baron. It’s not the safest of options out there, surely. However, Fenerbahçe’s only decent chance of winning is by going full #YOLO, so we might see some early and midgame pressure from the Turkish champions.


The Koreans are definitely favoured due to the fact they are, well, Koreans. However, Chinese LPL is arguably right behind Korean LCK. NA LCS could stake a claim, but they always underperform at worlds. Meanwhile, RNG and EDG are locked in seemingly endless struggle for dominance over the biggest country in the world.

Samsung to win at 4/7 is not too shabby at all. It’s maybe even the best choice for tomorrow. Due to heavy influence of Korean meta in China, the playstyle and strategy similarities can easily prolong the game. Therefore, total towers destroyed over 12.5 at 5/6 is a juicy choice as well.

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SKT T1 vs. AHQ

SKT T1 via murder, plain and simple. Expect a quick and clean finish here, so total towers destroyed under 12.5 at 1/2 is probably the best choice here.

C9 vs. EDG

LoL Worlds 2017 Group Stage Day 3 Betting C9 Fans

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Cloud9 seem to be at their peak form now, unlike their atrocious performances during summer split. With so much LCS and international experience under their belt, a team such as C9, when on point, must never be underestimated.

However, EDward Gaming are still favourites to win at 1/2, which is definitely worth picking up. Expect over 1.5 total barons slain at 5/6 as well.


TSM as light underdogs to win at 5/6 is a top pick for tomorrow. Flash Wolves and Misfits will likely take some time, so bet on over 1.5 total barons slain at evens. SSG vs. RNG will be a tower killing bonanza with over 12.5 total towers destroyed at 5/6. Last, but not least, Cloud9 has displayed enough to warrant over 1.5 total barons slain at 5/6 against EDG.

>>>Good luck!<<<

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