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LoL Worlds 2017 Group Stage Day 2 Betting Analysis - Esportsranks
LoL Worlds 2017 Group Stage Day 2 Betting Analysis

LoL Worlds 2017 Group Stage Day 2 is packed full with exciting matchups. There are a lot of juicy betting opportunities, so let’s dive right into the analysis.

FW vs. TSM

This is one of those seemingly 50-50 games. Even though TSM can be considered favourites, which is in line with betting odds, Flash Wolves are not to be underestimated. Placing a bet on TSM to win at 8/11 is the more prudent option nevertheless. Over 1.5 total barons slain at 8/11 is also a viable option.

WE vs. MSF

Both teams are capable of snowballing tremendously, but WE are favoured overall. WE are known to be killing machines. Misfits are also not shy on participating in blood fests. Over 22.5 total kills at 10/11 looks like one of the safer bets here.

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LoL Worlds 2017 Group Stage Day 2 Betting Immortals

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Despite losing to GIGABYTE Marines today, Fnatic are definitely capable of handling Immortals. Immortals have very refined teamwork, strategies and synergy, but they’ve been partially exposed against TSM in NA LCS finals. Fnatic possesses the kind of extraordinary talent similar to TSM, albeit much less experienced at the moment.

Fnatic are surely going to try to establish early tempo and aggression, so it’s reasonable to expect them to draw first blood 5/6.

LZ vs. GAM

GIGABYTE Marines are definitely an awkward opponent for any team with their unconventional playstyle and seemingly off-meta picks and strategies. Yet, their approach has yielded very good results so far.

Longzhu Gaming need to watch out not to fall into a trap of underestimating GAM and playing to their strengths. Instead, they should focus on establishing their own trademark unbearable tempo and game control. There are a bunch of juicy odds for GAM, but it’s best to either skip or bet on LZ to draw first blood at 4/7.

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AHQ vs. C9

LoL Worlds 2017 Group Stage Day 2 Betting C9

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While certainly far from safe, this is the matchup definitely worth risking considering the most recent results. Cloud9 have history and legacy on their side, but they’ve been on a slow and steady decline this year. On the other hand, AHQ have shown teeth against EDG today, which more than warrants a bet to win at 11/8.

EDG vs. SKT T1

SKT T1 got this one in the bag at 2/7 to win, but there are also far better options for this matchup. The Korean champs are set to destroy the first inhibitor at 1/4. There’s also a very appealing option of them drawing first blood at 8/13. If you’re feeling lucky, you may go wild with EDG to slay the first baron at 9/4, however we’d rather go with SKT T1 to do the same at 1/3.



The best choice for tomorrow is to go with moderate favourites such as TSM and WE. The odds are quite juicy, and the risk is low. Everything else is iffy, but with plethora of options to bet on, certain teams are heavily favoured at pulling off first bloods, dragons and barons. With so many “unknowns” and “variables”, those in the know can have decent payday tomorrow.

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