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LoL Worlds 2017 Group Stage Betting Analysis - Esportsranks
LoL Worlds 2017 Group Stage Betting Analysis

LoL Worlds 2017 Group Stage Betting Round-up

LoL Worlds 2017 Group Stage is a perfect opportunity to have a few punts, and try and pick some winners. Esports are always interesting, as they’re incredibly hard to predict. The nature of League of Legends, its complexity and the added factor of many different regions coming together in one place, usually means surprises, upsets and some decent odds.

The teams are divided into 4 groups, and this is what the main focus should be. There are a number of potential dark horses, who could upset the status quo, set by SKT in the last few years. Of course, those of you who are familiar with the LCK would consider Longzhu more than a dark horse. But teams like FNC, C9 and WE had to make it through the play-ins to even be here. They were all incredibly dominant in their groups. They have experience playing on the world stage already and will be feeling confident going into their groups.

This is a rundown of those we think are worth a punt, as well as those who have a decent chance of being dominant.

What should you consider betting on in LoL Worlds 2017 Group Stage?

There are many things which are worth a punt for sure. There is the outright winner, but this is probably not the best thing. SKT T1 aren’t shoe-ins, but they are likely to turn on “time to win mode” and raise the cup at the end. Most kills on a map looks very interesting, however. At MSI players like Peanut had games where they popped off. He’s currently at 18/1 to have the most kills on a map.

Group Qualification

This is another interesting one. C9, ahq, Misfits, Fenerbahce, and Immortals (amongst others) have pretty good odds to make it out of groups. They also all have a decent chance of making it out of groups. After a strong performance during the play-ins, teams like Fenerbahce and C9 may have momentum going into the first few days. As such, the 5/1 offering by Bet365 of Fenerbahce to qualify out of groups seems like a very shrewd bet indeed.

Worlds 2017 betting overview

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Group D

This LoL Worlds 2017 group is very hard to call, with the bookies having TSM, Team WE and Flash Wolves all with low odds. This is because they’re all considered to be very good in their region. Misfits, on the other hand, have high odds at 6/1. Anyone who saw them dismantle FNC in the Playoffs would consider this bet for certain.

Group C

Group C is the group with Fenerbahce in it. They’re joined by Royal Never Give Up, Samsung Galaxy and G2. After their not so amazing split during summer, with a good but not amazing record of 85, G2 are sitting at 9/2. However, they are known to show up internationally, even taking a game off SKT T1 at MSI this year. G2 could definitely make it out of groups if they show up.

Group B

GAM and Immortals sit at higher odds than FNC. Longzhu are the obvious favourites in their group, after knocking SKT T1 from their dominant position in Korea. GAM showed they could compete internationally at MSI 2017, albeit with a different roster. IMT had a great split, and will be looking to prove themselves. This group is hard to call, with Longzhu probably taking first place, then any of the others are in with a chance. Expect GAM to play aggressively and catch some off guard.

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Worlds 2017 betting overview

Caps has been playing out of his mind recently, and may surprise many in the group stages
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Group A

The favourites here are the reigning kings of League of Legends, SKT T1. Led by Faker, this team has a history of not winning the latest split but still winning worlds. SKT T1 are sitting at 7/4 to win the whole thing outright. This could also be a great bet, although not with the largest returns.

Furthermore, EDG are 1/7 to make it out of this group. C9 looked like they were ready for a fight in the play-ins. Jensen, last time, disrespected Faker and paid for it. This time around, however, Jensen has been playing out of his mind, and may prove a match for the best player in the world. They’re sitting at 9/2, and after the play-ins this may seem enticing to some.

Ahq E-sports club are at 9/1. However, any team can feasibly beat any team. If ahq have strategies or picks that others don’t expect, then it may mean they have a distinct advantage in the group. It’s difficult to see how they can compete with the likes of SKT, Edward Gaming and Cloud9, but they’re at worlds for a reason.

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LoL Worlds 2017 Group Stage Schedule

Opening ceremony 05/10/17 09:00:00
RNG vs. 1907 Fenerbahce Espor 05/10/17 09:30:00
G2 Esports vs. Samsung Galaxy 05/10/17 10:30:00
Longzhu Gaming vs. Immortals 05/10/17 11:30:00
Fnatic vs. GIGABYE Marines 05/10/17 12:30:00
SK telecom T1 vs. C9 05/10/17 13:30:00
Edward Gaming vs. ahq e-sports club 05/10/17 14:30:00


FW vs. TSM 06/10/17 09:00:00
Team WE vs. Misfits Gaming 06/10/17 10:00:00
Immortals vs. Fnatic 06/10/17 11:00:00
Longzhu Gaming vs. GIGABYTE Marines 06/10/17 12:00:00
ahq e-Sports Club vs. C9 06/10/17 13:00:00
Edward Gaming vs. SK Telecom T1 06/10/17 14:00:00


TSM vs. Team WE 07/10/17 09:00:00
Flash Wolves vs. Misfits Gaming 07/10/17 10:00:00
G2 Esports vs. 1907 Fenerbahçe Esports 07/10/17 11:00:00
Samsung Galaxy vs. RNG 07/10/17 12:00:00
SK Telecom T1 vs. ahq e-Sports Club 07/10/17 13:00:00
C9 vs. Edward Gaming 07/10/17 14:00:00


Team WE vs. Flashwolves 08/10/17 09:00:00
Misfits Gaming vs. TSM 08/10/17 10:00:00
GIGABYTE Marines vs. Immortals 08/10/17 11:00:00
Fnatic vs. Longzhu Gaming 08/10/17 12:00:00
1907 Fenerbahçe Esports vs. Samsung Galaxy 08/10/17 13:00:00
RNG vs. G2 Esports 08/10/17 14:00:00


Final word

An important thing to remember when placing bets on Esports is that literally, anything can happen. There have been many surprises and upsets in the history of League of Legends.

Teams like GAM could win the entire tournament. They are very strong and they have proven before that they can trade with the big dogs of League of Legends. One of the most interesting games at MSI 2017 was the game between SKT T1 and GAM.

Albus Nox Luna made wild card history in 2016. Although no wildcard regions remain in the tournament, the spirit of the underdog is always strong. Teams who are considered easy stomps often put up much more of a fight than expected. Fenerbahce turned some heads in the play-ins and could do exactly the same thing in the groups.

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