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LoL Weekly Recap: LoL Patch 7.15 Changes, CLG & MSG Deal, NiP’s First Victory and More - Esportsranks
LoL Weekly Recap: LoL Patch 7.15 Changes, CLG & MSG Deal, NiP’s First Victory and More

LoL Patch 7.15 Changes

We’ve already covered LoL patch 7.15 changes in more detail here, so you might want to check that out later if you’re interested.

In short, important champion LoL patch 7.15 changes include the rework of Urgot, nerfs to Cho’Gath, Elise, Gragas, Zac, as well as buffs to Ekko, Sivir, Lux and Kayn’s assassin form.

Item-wise, Adaptive Helm received a slight buff of 5% extra damage reduction against the spell or ability effect. Duskblade has seen a decrease of overall damage and an additional nerf when wielded by ranged marksmen.

Of all the bug fixes, the one addressing the issue with Thresh’s flay is the most significant one. It used to do a micro-stun every time it moved the enemy champions. Also, the glitch with Singed’s corpse triggering his passive has been fixed too.

Overall, the LoL patch 7.15 changes to balance and important bug fixes are always welcome. Expect Riot to amp their game for a while now – Worlds is right around the corner!

LCS and Beyond

EU LCS Week 8 Summary

LoL Patch 7.15 Changes EU LCS NiP

Flickr @lolesports

The surprise and the upset we’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived, ladies and gentlemen.

Despite the odds, Ninjas in Pyjamas finally won their first series this summer, ending the dreaded 10 game losing streak. ROCCAT was definitely a perfect opponent for them to make it happen.

First match was rather close, with NiP in a solid lead for the first 20 minutes. ROCCAT swung the tempo in the second half. However, NiP, calm and collected in the face of adversity, weathered the storm in the end via a successful final teamfight in ROCCAT’s base.

Second game was an all out display of aggression from NiP, which worked rather well. In a show of pure individual skill and teamfighting domination, they dealt ROCCAT their 7th series loss this summer.

NiP still has a slight chance at avoiding the relegation tournament. They’ll clash with Misfits and Fnatic in the next two weeks, while ROCCAT will meet Fnatic and G2.

Realistically, both teams lose all of those series. ROCCAT already defeated Fnatic once this summer, but it’s a feat unlikely to happen again. G2 is too strong. NiP can potentially surprise Misfits, but chances are slim nonetheless.

The only other notable series happened later that day between UOL and MM. Again, UOL won the series, but showed their old inconsistencies and weaknesses in the second match. They handed that game over to Monkeys on a silver platter, making it unnecessarily go the distance.

Vitality and G2 swept Monkeys and Ninjas on Day 1. Splyce and Misfits got swept by H2K and Fnatic on Day 2.

NA LCS Week 8 Summary

LoL Patch 7.15 Changes NA LCS Standings

Flickr @lolesports

It seems like the upsets of this week were reserved for the last day.

Phoenix1 rushed down CLG in the second and third match for the surprising series win, after CLG won the first game.

This means a couple of things.

First, Immortals and TSM are now the only two teams left at the top of the regular season standings with 12 wins and only 4 losses. CLG is at 11W-5L at the moment.

Second, the release of Dardoch came at the worst possible moment, obviously. Even though he acted as a disruptive element and didn’t look as impressive as usually, he was a part of the team for 2 months. You can’t just rip him out and expect to maintain the high-level of play CLG demonstrated for the better part of the summer split.

Third, Phoenix1 now still has a slim chance to avoid the dreaded last place in the team standings. FlyQuest and Team Liquid lost both of their series this week. All three teams are now tied with a record of 4 wins and 12 losses.

Other than that, everything else went as expected. P1 and TL lost against FOX and IMT on Day 1.

Day 2 featured a mini-upset in the form of Dignitas defeating Immortals. FlyQuest got stomped by TSM, CLG won against EnVy and C9 defeated TL as expected.

On the last day, FlyQuest lost again versus C9, TSM got a win over NV and DIG defeated Echo Fox.

LCS Play of the Week

Caps was f***ng smurfing!

Madison Square Garden Acquires Controlling Stake in CLG

The NA LCS franchising announcement back in June is slowly drawing in major investors.

Counter Logic Gaming is the latest major Esports organization to accept a large investment. Madison Square Garden Company (MSG) has acquired a controlling interest in CLG.

The announcement created ripples across the Esports scene and social media.

The partnership is about to bring on board MSG’s sports business expertise in marketing, media, event management, merchandise and public relations. After all, with properties such as the New York Knicks (NBA) and the New York Rangers (NHL), MSG partnership is a milestone accomplishment for CLG.

In return, CLG’s lauded history and track record across several major Esports games, most notably LoL of course, but also CS:GO, Overwatch, Super Smash Bros and H1Z1, gives MSG the platform ready to be grown and expanded for years to come.

Roster Changes

The turmoil of last week is still spilling over. Even EU LCS hasn’t been spared this week. Here’s a summary of all major roster additions/changes from this week:

Team Liquid Sign insanityXXX

Team Liquid continues the overhaul of their roster. With recent additions of Mickey and, shockingly, Dardoch, there has also been a third, unannounced one. The player in question is David “Insanity” Challe.

A young Challenger player going under the moniker of insanityXXX on Twitch (14,000+ followers!) has made waves playing for Team Secret in the 2017 Spring Qualifiers for NA CS league.

The team failed to qualify, but Insanity stood out like a sore thumb. It’s still unknown whether he’ll be joining the main squad or just the academy team. Nevertheless, this is a big step up for a young prospect!

More Rebuilding For Phoenix1

Phoenix1 just can’t catch a breath.

LoL Patch 7.15 Changes NA LCS P1

Flickr @lolesports

Just when it looked like they are about to pull themselves out of the pit of defeat, their dependable mid-laner Ryu stepped down. Citing stress, burnout and mental health issues as his reasons, Ryu has quickly been replaced by Pirean.

Facing a constant barrage of setbacks and roadblocks, Phoenix1 has proactively brought in another fresh face. Marcin “SELFIE” Wolski has made a name for himself in the Challenger scene. Playing for teams such as Schalke 04, Misfits and Tempo Storm certainly makes him a promising prospect.

However, NA LCS is a big step up for any player. SELFIE certainly won’t find himself in the starter role for now. On the other hand, P1 is definitely on their last leg this summer. It would be no surprise if they decide to bring him in just to give him a taste of the scene.

Splyce Head Coach Fayan “Gevous” Pertijs Gets Released

In an official announcement, EU LCS Splyce CEO Marty “Lazarchicken” Strenchewilk goes into detail about the decision in a YouTube video.

He justifies it by mentioning the lack of chemistry between the coach and the players as the main reason, as well as the lack of results.

Despite Splyce’s positive standings, he continues to talk about their unwillingness to settle for “adequate”, “middle-of-the pack” results. Instead, they are after championship titles, they strive for noticeable improvement.

This is a really critical time to make harsh cuts such as this one. Let’s hope this doesn’t derail Splyce further into a losing streak now.

EU > NA?

Following an embarrassing showing of EU teams in Rift Rivals tournament, it’s not surprising to see the EU top-dogs making some changes in their overall strategy and approach to competitive meta.

In the recent interviews, G2’s owner Carlos “Ocelote” Rodriguez and Fnatic’s head coach Dylan Falco addressed some of the shortcomings of their respective teams, as well as confidence in their teams’ chances at Worlds later this year.

Ocelote was particularly dismissive of the importance of Rift Rivals results, referring to the significant changes brought upon by recent patches.

He also made remarks about MSI having a significant impact on participating teams’ year long performance, causing burnout and an inevitable loss of form down the road.

However, he did address the issue of most EU teams being stuck in the MSI meta, causing it to become stale and boring. He believes NA teams progressed further in that regard.

Dylan Falco took a more self-critical stance regarding Fnatic’s level of play. Still, he made a point about how they were aware of their playstyle’s weaknesses at the very beginning of the summer split.

Asked about the other teams, he separated the top half into 3 tiers – Fnatic undoubtedly the best at the moment, H2K and G2 close behind as Tier 2, and UOL and Splyce below at Tier 3.

How much of this is true conviction and how much of it is just posturing and PR talk remains to be seen.

LoL Reality Show…?

Down Under seems to be heating up for a legitimate LoL Esports reality show.

LoL Patch 7.15 Changes The Next Gamer

Image: The Next Gamer

Believe it or not, Australia seems to be getting a LoL reality show. Yes, you’ve read it right!

Called The Next Gamer, it will feature 10 people competing for a $10,000 cash prize and a chance to get signed by Australia’s leading Esports organizations.

The official site is locked behind an unknown password for now. Is it just to generate additional press interest? Maybe only the chosen 10 participants get it?

Whatever it is, it’s good that LoL keeps its expansion across the globe. The talent is everywhere, it just needs to be discovered and nurtured.

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