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LoL Week 7 Recap: NA Shuffle, Urgot Update, GPL Mid-season Change and More - Esportsranks
LoL Week 7 Recap: NA Shuffle, Urgot Update, GPL Mid-season Change and More

The Great NA Shuffle

Before we delve into the new Urgot update, let’s take a look over the recent NA news.

As much as there’s shuffling in the top of NA LCS Bracket, there’s equally as much shuffling in the team rosters. Let’s take a look at the chaos, drama and controversy that unfolded over the course of this week.

Phoenix1 Done?

First off, Phoenix1’s Twitter announcement made it clear they won’t start with their veteran mid-laner Ryu to combat his apparent burnout and mental health issues. Being in the game for 5 years certainly does that to you.

Team EnVy’s mid lane substitute Pirean took his place immediately as a new starter against Cloud9 in their Friday series.

Sadly, this sudden change might’ve been the bucket full of water on Phoenix1’s newly lit fire. The team went 0-2 this week and their already slim playoff hopes are merely dreams right now. Better luck next season guys!

Team Liquid Resurgence?

Over the span of just 2 days, Team Liquid’s starting lineup changed radically.

First, they officially announced the signing of former LCK’S Rox Tigers mid laner Son “Mickey” Young-min. He will join the team as a new mid lane starter, replacing Goldenglue.

The change also means that jungler Reignover is no longer on the starting lineup. This is due to Riot’s limitations on the number of spots available for international players in NA LCS.

Mickey’s contract has him bound to TL until November 2018 as TL looks to break their long-time bottom-tier team mould.

But, things don’t end there.

Urgot Update CLG Dardoch

Flickr @lolesports

In a recent news post, CLG cited Dardoch’s unwillingness to “adhere to the set of standards expected of every team member of the team.” as a reason to no longer include the controversial jungler in their starting lineup. Omar “Omargod” Amin will be taking his place from now on.

Team Liquid promptly seized this opportunity to bring Dardoch back into mix and most likely replace Reignover on the jungler position.

Question is, how will this affect the already troubled team? Dardoch has just been kicked out of the top team for the third time (first Team Liquid, then Immortals, and now CLG)

On the other hand, Mickey as a new addition will likely need some time to adapt and acclimate to the new team. Again, Dardoch surely won’t make it easy on him.

It’s unlikely the team will recover any time soon. But, who knows, the shock therapy might just be enough for them to hit their stride. Phoenix1 pulled it off recently, why shouldn’t they?

LCS And Beyond


Urgot Update Bjergsen 1000 kill

Twitter @lolesports

Looking at the team standings after 7 weeks worth of series and matches, the situation couldn’t be more complicated and uncertain.

At the top, Immortals lead with just 1 more win over a second place split between CLG and TSM.

Dignitas, EnVy and Cloud9 all have 8 wins and 6 losses, locked in a fight for 3rd place. None of them seem to be able to put two good weeks together.

Team Liquid has pulled out of the hole with 2 wins over Team EnVy and Phoenix1 this week. They’re tied with FlyQuest and EchoFox at the moment.

Sadly, the departure of a dependable midlaner Ryu this week has been Phoenix1’s demise. They’ve lost both of their games, against Echo Fox and Team Liquid respectively.

This week marks the 1000th kill for TSM Bjergsen. He’s the first NA LCS midlaner to reach the revered milestone.

And it couldn’t have happened in a more spectacular fashion. The kill came in the midst of TSM snatching the Baron kill and acing Echo Fox. Take a look at this beauty!


The meta has slowly started to shift in EU LCS, in response to EU teams’ underwhelming showings at Rift Rivals. A team that has kept most of their pre-Rift Rivals tendencies is definitely UOL. And it has cost them a lot this week.

First, their more than surprising loss to ROCCAT on Day 1 was an upset in itself. Then, in a tough match against Fnatic, they lost again after winning game 1. Step up your game boys, no more reckless teamfights and chasing across the map!

UOL’s two losses enabled both Splyce and H2K to catch up on the last week of cross group play. H2K failed to take the lead in a matchup against G2. On the other hand, Splyce defeated the bottom-feeders Ninjas in Pyjamas, as well as recently somewhat fading Misfits.

The final outcome is 3 teams with 6 wins and 3 losses at the top of group B. If UOL keeps clinging to their old ways, H2K is the most likely candidate to take the lead now, with Splyce easily taking the second spot as well.

In contrast, Team Vitality and Mysterious Monkeys are battling it out with 3 and 2 wins respectively. The gap between the top and bottom of group B is huge and insurmountable for either of those.

In group A, Fnatic is still 2-3 steps above everyone else. G2 is grabbing forward with the newfound recipe for success after a wake-up call in Rift Rivals. Their victory over H2K is a statement in itself, while defeating Vitality was basically a must for a team of their calibre.

Misfits will likely remain firmly at the third spot. ROCCAT still has a slim chance to pull off an upset against them, but it’s highly unlikely. NiP still has 0 wins. Sadly, it will probably stay that way until the very end.

Urgot Update, Mid-season Change, Two Weeks of Kayn

Urgot Update – The Metal Menace

In a recent Urgot update, the metal monster has been depicted as once prized and feared headsman for Noxus.

However, the fate dealt him a bad hand, as he was sent to Zaun, only to end up trapped in a large underground prison. As it turns out, Swain had a stake at this foul play, in his bid to usurp and overthrow the rulers of Noxus. As it turns out, Swain is lined up for a rework of his own soon.

Anyway, Urgot first chased away the Chem-Baron in charge of the prison complex to the surface. With a section of prison under his command, he built himself a private legion of imprisoned followers. He began replacing his weak parts with metal, turning himself into a menacing metal monster we know of today.

He then staged an uprising that resulted in the explosion of one of the chemtech veins below Zaun. It wrecked the city and caused massive casualties. This allowed Urgot to reach the surface and establish a revolutionary mob force, consisting mostly of survivors.

Can Urgot’s Zaun leadership pose a threat to the current Noxian regime with Swain at the top? It’s definitely an interesting development in the overall LoL lore.

The GPL Controversy

Urgot Update GPL controversy

Credit: Riot Games

Things got shady really quickly for the upcoming GPL (Garena Premier League) summer split.

GPL has traditionally consisted of 6 teams. These were No.1 representatives from Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. Garena and Riot Games have decided to give Vietnam one more slot this year, resulting in a petition arguing the decision, signed by 11 teams from the 5 other regions:

  • Headhunters (Indonesia)
  • Fire Dragons, Orange Esports, Eternity Esports (Malaysia)
  • Imperium Pro Team, Manila Eagles (the Philippines)
  • Brand New Life, Rigel, Sovereign (Singapore)
  • Sea Serpents, White Rose (Thailand)

Vietnamese team Gigabyte Marines, the reigning GPL Spring champions, had quite a successful run at the Mid-Season Invitational back in May this year. They qualified for the playoffs, thus earning an extra slot for the entire Southeast Asian region in the upcoming 2017 World Championship play-in.

This significant success is why Garena and Riot Games granted Vietnam one more slot this summer.

The 11 teams that dispute this decision don’t question the motives and fairness of GPL’s and Riot Games’ decision. They question the timing, considering Vietnam’s level of play is high enough for both Vietnam teams to qualify for Worlds in October and November.

The decision did come in the last moment, catching everybody off-guard. Riot Games and GPL have yet to release a statement regarding this sudden change.

Kayn Is Good

The first few weeks since release, things have been rather OK for Kayn, The Shadow Reaper. He’s good, but his weird mechanics make him a rather tough pick for most players.

His win rate has been slowly increasing as more players get used to it. At the moment, he’s sitting at 42.6% win rate on top lane and 45.1% as a jungle pick. Considering he’s still a “baby” champion, those are far from bad win rates.

The win rate is certainly going to increase a bit more as more players get better with him over time.

Other news and interesting bits:

Zven rewards teammates with a candy every time they gank bot

FNC sub MrRallez goes to TSM

G2 Trick wants to win 4th straight LCS and set a record

How Olleh made it to rank as support 1

C9 Contractz is still having fun as a jungler; not sure about his opponents though

As always, comment your own thoughts and opinions on week 7 and new Urgot update in the comment section down below.

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