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LoL Patch 7.16 Overview - Competitive and Beyond - Esportsranks
LoL Patch 7.16 Overview – Competitive and Beyond

LoL patch 7.16 has landed, with a tweak to plenty of mid lane champions. It has more nerfs for Runeterra’s favourite sheriff and bug fixes to Kayn. Rather than going through every change, we bring you the highlights and speculate on what it may mean for pro play.

LoL Patch 7.16 Champion Changes

Caitlyn Nerf

Let’s start with yet another nerf to Caitlyn. She still has an incredible 86% ban or pick rate. This is particularly true of the North American region.

Firstly, they’ve taken down the damage her Q does. Enemies behind the intended target can now only expect 50% of the initial damage rather than 67%.

On top of this, they’ve reduced damage done with her W, trap skill. Traps now scale with 0.1% attack damage less than before and do less base damage as well. My thought is this will finally have an effect.

The zoning potential of Caitlyn’s traps may still be strong. I do think other ADC’s will come more into play with these changes.

Maokai Nerf

LoL Patch 7.16 Maokai

Credit: Riot Games

Maokai’s kit was changed several patches ago, since then he’s been a guaranteed first pick. He’s flexible, able to play top lane or jungle, and is the only champion in league with cc on every ability.

They have nerfed the Sapling Toss. It is too powerful for the early game. Currently, it certainly makes jungling much easier. Expect the early levels to do significantly less base damage and less percentage health damage as well.

Fizz Buff

I think the hope is that we see more champions in mid lane. This isn’t a significant buff, but it is a slight one. The cool downs on his E have been decreased. He should now have them available more often and therefore hold his own against targets he shouldn’t be losing against.

Fiora Buff

You’ll remember that two patches ago, Fiora received some fairly significant nerfs. Riot have obviously decided they were a little too strong. They’ve focussed on her passive during this patch.

Fiora players can now expect the bonus movement speed from her passive to be buffed. It will reach 45% at its highest peak. CLG still picked her this past week, and I think these changes will keep Fiora viable.

Vi Buff

With tanks making a come back in the jungle game, Riot is focusing on making Vi a little more viable. This means making her disruptive plays more reliable. Firstly, when winding up for her E, it can no longer be cancelled which is a good thing.

The cooldown on her ultimate has changed. It’s now significantly lower at the first level. What’s more, there was a bug which meant she never finished up behind her opponent.

All in all, I think these are both very good changes. Without the follow up of her Excessive Force abilities, an initiation by Vi can seem a bit lacklustre. These changes resolve that.

LeBlanc Nerf

Riot has promised even more nerfs to this champion, but didn’t want to change her too much right before Worlds. The damage her Q does to minions has been lowered to 60%.

Riot seems satisfied with this for now. It will lower her lane clearing ability in the early game. I doubt it will impact the ban or pick rates.

Orianna Nerf

LoL Patch 7.16

Credit: universe.leagueoflegends.com

Orianna is a counter pick. The problem is she is currently a counter pick for…anyone. Riot has problems with this.

Firstly, they’ve nerfed her shield. I think they have maybe nerfed it a little too much. At level 1, the base damage is 60. This is barely more than a level 1 auto attack and potentially less than a level 2 auto attack.

Secondly, her Command Dissonance skill won’t trigger from as long a range. This seems fine, it was always a little odd to me.

Cassiopeia Tweaks

Riot have decreased Cassiopeia’s base damage for Twin Fangs. Their hope is to lower the potential of an all in by Cass at level 1. They’ve countered that nerf with an increase to the AP ratio, meaning at later stages of the game it will be even more powerful.

Other Champions

I’ve not mentioned a lot of the changes here. You should check out the patch notes and see if your favourite champion has felt the hammer of a nerf or the joy of a buff.

Mid laners received a lot of focus. I don’t think this is a bad thing as this role was looking a little stale. Hopefully, this will shake things up a little.

LoL Patch 7.16 Changes In Vision

This one is really simple. Many champions would lose a passive ability when killing wards. Riot wanted to change this so several of them will now keep it. It currently doesn’t affect all champions, but if you’re Jax, Riven, Jayce or Aatrox you’ve been helped out here.

LoL Patch 7.16 Item Changes

Ancient Coin

There are only two changes of note that I will mention. It was getting to the point where all supports were choosing the Ancient Coin line. Not only does it provide the best money in the game, but the constant mana regen made some lanes unstoppable.

Riot have nerfed the mana regen. Mana coins will now only give back 10% of missing mana rather than the previous 15%. It still provides a whole lot of money so don’t expect it to fall by the wayside.


It’s the item responsible for bringing tanky junglers back into the meta. Riot seem happy with the changes but want to up the cost so that buying CinderHulk doesn’t become possible until a couple of levels later.

The combined cost is now 2,500 gold, which means you have to kill an additional camp or two.

LoL Patch 7.16 Bug Fixes

Here’s where I run down some of the more strange bug fixes that have caught my eye.

Shelly The Rift Herald

Apparently, in certain circumstances, Rift Herald could head butt both Nexus turrets. I don’t really understand this, as I can’t think of a time where teams would be taking Nexus Turrets so early. I am, however, reliably told that it does happen.

Thank you Riot, Shelly is not a two headed dragon and I don’t think she appreciated the implication.

Irelia – You can run but can’t hide

Irelia had this nagging issue where casting her Q on a minion or champion on the other side of a wall would damage the enemy but not move Irelia. Only a minor problem when ganking a lane or running away from an opponent.

All Irelia players give homage to the gods of Riot that this is now fixed.

Cheating Twitch

This is another bug I didn’t know existed. If Twitch was attacking Inhibitors or the Nexus with his ultimate it caused damage twice. But only if he was attacking from just outside his normal attack range.

Who figured this bug out? Who used it? Cheaters.

LoL Patch 7.16 Skins

There are some great looking skins coming out with this patch. Pentakill Kyle is probably the best of the lot. She looks…well she looks a lot like Morgana. An angel of death descending from the clouds of heaven to wreak vengeance within the Rift.

Lancer Zero Hecarim will also make an appearance. This is available only through Hextech crafting, so win a few games, wish for some luck and hope that you find him in one of those loot boxes. Remember, due to the new honour system, the probability of finding the skin is now much higher for positive players.

LoL Patch 7.16 Urf Game Mode

LoL patch 7.16

Credit: Riot Games

If you haven’t played League in a while, then make a return for the fun of Urf is upon us. If Urf is unfamiliar to you, let me explain a little.

Urf stands for Ultra Rapid Fire, and the true name of this game mode is All Random, Ultra Rapid Fire, or ARURF.

Your champion is randomly picked for you at the loading screen. Once you enter the game, however, you have unlimited mana, massively reduced cool downs, increased attack speed and death, death, death.

On top of the usual increases, Riot has increased the gold gains and movement speed. So basically, more death more quickly, and more disaster. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Sounds like fun right? IT IS.

We Want To Hear From You

We’d love to hear your own URF experiences or your thoughts on the changes occurring with this patch. Are you a disgruntled Caitlyn player? Were you a Twitch cheating his way to securing victory? Have you ever been an Irelia, killed because of failing to jump that wall?

Whether you’re raging or tilted, we want to know. Find us on Twitter and share your stories with us @esportsranks, or leave a comment below.