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LoL Patch 7.15 - Return Of The Urgot - Esportsranks
LoL Patch 7.15 – Return Of The Urgot

LoL patch 7.15 is now live. Although it will be a week before the pros play on it, we are diving deep to discover all its secrets. As usual, we only highlight the significant changes, leaving some tweaks unmentioned.

Specifically, there’s a host of small champion changes and there’s no point in listing them all when Riot has done such a good job of it. We have to assess which ones are most likely to impact pro play.

Let’s kick it all off with a look at this week’s remade champion, Urgot.

LoL Patch 7.15 Champion Changes

LoL patch 7.15 Urgot Reveal

My gut tells me the Urgot remake will make him a lot more fun. I have my doubts about whether it will make him more playable at the pro level.

Passive: Echoing Flames

This is a very cool passive. Attacking in the direction of one of Urgot’s legs will now make the attack combust into flames. I like it.  You have to be pretty close for this to cause much damage to champions, and that is perhaps one of the biggest criticisms I have for this entire remake.

Corrosive Charge

He fires a ranged attack at a location, so it’s aoe. Any enemies struck receives damage and is slowed. So far so good. It also locks onto them which means other abilities may do more damage.


This gives Urgot a shield and then he rapidly attacks nearby enemies. If an enemy has been locked onto they are given greater priority. It can trigger his passive as well. The range is still pretty short.


Using the E ability has Urgot charge forward and knock aside any enemies that are not champions. When he hits a champion he throws them behind him and locks onto them. I like the idea, but it is a fairly short charge.

Fear Beyond Death

This is another very cool ability. He launches a beacon that impales itself in a champion. It allows him to lock onto them again and slows the champion. If they are below a certain amount of health he can re use the ability to slowly pull them close and then execute them. When executed, other champions nearby will be feared.

I believe starting with this ability will get the most damage out of Urgot. This will, however, mean that execution is not possible.

Urgot Thoughts

In some ways, it looks like Urgot has a very strong kit. There are a few glaring weaknesses, however, and I want to see if this affects him being picked up at the highest level. The most obvious is that although he is ranged, his abilities still seem fairly short range compared to the marksmen and other squishies on the rift.

I believe he will be able to bully several top laners, particularly ones that don’t have sustain. I think assassins and ADC’s may be able to escape him fairly easily. A lot of the top laners have the ability to stun and knock down targets. Urgot’s CC is not quite as simple as this.

This may not be a problem. Having Urgot tank the front line, protecting the squishies behind him, while still being able to shoot at range and peel off any would be attackers might be enough. In my mind, though, comparing him to someone like Jarvan he comes out short.

Cho’Gath Nerfed

LoL Patch 7.15 ChoGath

Twitter @lolesports

It was good to see Cho’Gath see some play in the rift throughout week 7. Riot think his damage is a little too high (true), so they’re bringing down the damage resulting from his E. I think if the pros liked him last week they will still picking him this week. It all depends on the team comp.

Elise Nerf

Elise is a jungler who’s been banned or played in 88% of matches throughout Summer Split. Riot have decreased her attack damage down to 47. This should slow her jungle clear and give her opponents a little more chance to survive that jungle gank.

I imagine we will still see her being played and banned. Lee Sin and herself appear to be a staple of the perennial jungle meta.

Gragas Nerf

Similar to Elise, Riot felt Gragas’ jungle clear was too fast for the CC and damage he brings. They’ve decreased his base attack speed and increased his ultimate cool down. At the first rank, it’s a 20 second nerf and that’s no small deal.

We may see Gragas drop out of favour a little more, particularly with the increased attention to Maokai.

Kayn Tweaks

Kayn made several appearances on the rift last week, most noticeably with Contractz of Cloud9. His assassin form, though, is considered quite weak. That’s been buffed as well as some bugs being ironed out that made him a little weaker against specific champions.

Let’s see if it makes a difference.

Lux Buff

LoL Patch 7.15 Lux

Credit: Riot Games

I like what they’ve done with Lux. The early cool downs on her Light Binding ability have been decreased meaning her double binding is available more often. On top of this if her shield ability hits a champion on the way out it will now grant double the shield on its return.

I believe the last change could be crucial in team fights. I definitely expect to see her more often in solo queue; it may also be enough for the pros to take a second look at the lady of light, particularly as a support.

Sivir Buff

Sivir actually made an appearance last week in the NA LCS rift. This patch gives her a significant buff to Boomerang Blade. She will be more able to hold her own in lane.

Expect to see Sivir played more, particularly if Caitlyn or Kalista see more bans.

Zac Nerf

Zacs needed a nerf for quite some time. The stats don’t lie, and the stats say he’s been banned or picked in 98% of games. Usually banned. His Q and W have been nerfed in terms of cost and damage.

I suspect, that yes, this will bring him off the perma ban list, particularly with Maokai doing so well.

Ekko Buff

Ekko’s getting some love in the form of decreased cool down for his Phase Dive. A couple of seconds may not seem like much, but when you’re up against mages it’s the difference between life and death.

LoL Patch 7.15 Items

Adaptive Helm Buff

I was a big fan of the idea behind this item when Riot introduced it. They’re buffing it by a 5% increase in its damage reduction against the same spell effect or ability. Good.

I hope this makes it more viable against certain champs like Cassiopeia so that Spirit Visage is no longer the default item against these mages.

Duskblade Nerf

Last week we saw Jhin use Duskblade to devastating effect due to the changes made to the item and lethality in patch 7.14. What they’ve done with this patch is bring the overall damage and make it weaker when in the hands of a ranged marksman.

Lol Patch 7.15 Bug Fixes

Perhaps the most significant bug fix is for Thresh’s flay. It used to stun enemies very briefly after it moved them. Not it doesn’t. I think we can all safely say he has enough CC in his kit already.

Singed’s corpse used to trigger his passive. Understandably, the enemy team never appreciated that so it’s been removed. Since he’s dead I suppose that makes sense.

There’s a string of other more minor fixes, many to do with appearance. Prehistoric Cho’Gath’s head will no longer stretch when dancing. Apparently, he doesn’t have what it takes to bust a move.

Lots of the minor fixes are skin specific and many I hadn’t even noticed before. I do like that Riot pay this kind of attention to detail and don’t let things fall by the wayside too often. It shows an excellence and care not seen in many other games.

LoL Patch 7.15 Summary

As the end of the season approaches, we’re seeing the meta continue to shift and change. Riots tweaks to so many champions in this patch are with the hope we’ll see more of them on the Rift.

I love the changes to lethality made to LoL patch 7.15. It changed the default items several champions were buying and I hope the Duskblade nerf won’t change this too much.

I hope we see Urgot on the rift because his kit does look very cool and somewhat unique. The pros will be able to proc the fire breathing leg passive with a skill I can only dream of. Urgot vs Rumble? Yes, please!

As always, we should know in a week or 2 how things shape up. In the meantime, why not share your own thoughts in the comments below or contact us on Twitter @Esportsranks.

Also, check out our week 7 recap as well as other news.