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LoL Patch 7.14 - Kayn and Co Hit the Rift! - Esportsranks
LoL Patch 7.14 – Kayn and Co Hit the Rift!

This week LoL patch 7.14 dropped with the shadow reaping Kayn. Although the pros won’t be playing on 7.14 this weekend they will in the weeks ahead.

So what’s new and will the changes impact pro play?

LoL Patch 7.14 New Champion

We’ve talked extensively about Kayn The Shadow Reaper in our feature piece earlier back at the beginning of July.  The bottom line is this: I expect we’ll see him as a jungler. His ability to pass through walls makes him a flexible ganker.

While it will take a few weeks for people to master him, currently Bjergsen seems unimpressed. As always, people will adapt and figure out his playstyle. We’ll see how he does in the long term.

LoL Patch 7.14 Champion Changes

Alistar Buff

Alistar’s ultimate has been buffed. It’s a 5% increase in damage reduction at every level, bringing it to 75% at the third rank. Will it make a difference?

It’s hard to say, but he can definitely be a lane bully and this may make a few players willing to try him again. The question is, will he be disruptive enough to warrant people focusing him?

Caitlyn Nerf

For weeks Caitlyn’s end game has been considered over powered. Since then Riot has started her nerfs and this patch is no different. The sheriff’s attack speed growth per level is down from 4% to 2%.

The likelihood is we may see a few more Ashe plays, I’m looking at you Doublelift. Caitlyn will still be viable, it’s more a question of whether or not she comes off the ban priority list.

Cho’Gath Changes

There are a lot of informational changes to this champion that I won’t go into here. Cho’Gath’s E is now applied to his next 3 attacks and it damages and slows. His silence has also been made more effective at lower ranks.

Combined with the mana cost to his Q they certainly make him more threatening in top lane. While he brings some excellent CC he’s rather immobile compared to other top laners. Even Rumble has a speed burst, while Jarvan and Renekton have gap closers, Kled a global speed increase and Shen a global ult.

This makes things difficult. The main question is whether these changes make Cho’Gath enough of a lane bully that he can then transfer his dominance to team fights. I’ll let the pros answer that question.

Fiora Nerf

LoL Patch 7.14 Fiora

Twitter @Hanubuu

The general consensus is Fiora should be jumping into those fights and going for that pentakill. In recent weeks there’s been little trade off should Fiora go too deep. This slight nerf reduces Fiora’s movement speed from her passive and as she prepares for her ult.

Riot has made a necessary small nerf as she’s currently been picked or banned in right around 50% of games. My hunch is Fiora will still be selected for top lane, but the percentage may drop a little.

Taric Buff

Taric’s a support who’s seen precisely 4 games this Summer Split. He’s definitely in need of some love.  

Taric’s heal now returns a baseline of 30 health. It is also based on the Guardians total health rather than bonus health. His Bravado empowered attacks now also instantly grant charges for Starlights Touch.

In addition Dazzle actually hurts more at lower ranks. We’re talking about an increase in 40 damage at rank 1. I think this is significant. All ranks now also have the stun rate set at 1.25 seconds.

Taric’s end game is great but the big question is whether these changes are enough to warrant picking him and will carry the lane through the early stages. It will probably take some experimenting but for now, I think he remains on the sidelines.

Lol Patch 7.14 Items

Thornmail Updated

I personally love this change. Finally, the top laner has a great way to tank and inflict Grievous Wounds. It’s a gift from the council of Runeterra and I’ll at least use in solo queue. 

The new item Bramble Vest is now included in the build path to Thornmail, and the over all cost has increased by 550 gold. The subsequent decrease in armor value is more than worth it in my opinion. This is due to the attacker now having Grievous Wounds inflicted on them for 1 second.

The amount of armor the tank stacks affects the damage Thornmail inflicts. The attacker also has their attack speed lowered by 15%. I would love to see if the pros feel this is worth buying on a top laner now.

Bramble Vest New Item

It is built from double cloth arms and 300 gold. Bramble Vest was created to build into Thornmail. It inflicts Grievous Wound and seems to be a decent first step to the final piece.

Designed to be of use against enemy teams that utilize healing and regeneration it doesn’t seem to quite fit the current meta. As the game changes I think we may see it more frequently. Probably more so if the full crit builds fall out of favour.

Ancient Coin Line Worth A Mention

LoL Patch 7.14 Rakan

Twitter @LeagueOfLegends

In a previous post I discussed how lackluster some of the support item quest lines seemed. They’re getting rid of the bonus skill point provided by the Ancient Coin quest line and replacing it with bonus movement speed towards the champion who earns this quest.

I think this is a MUCH better result as it allows for more playmaking from the supports which I am a BIG fan of. This will be much more useful, affecting team fights and ganks.

Rework to Lethality Items

Dirk, Ghostblade and Edge of Night are all getting changes. Riot is beginning to address the fundamental weakness in lethality related items.

The idea is to focus Ghostblade onto the item built for more mobility while having other items such as Duskblade grant bonuses to physical damage. There are even some cooldown reduction bonuses with slows added in for good measure.

We don’t have the space to describe all these notes, particularly since Riot has already provided an in depth explanation but I’m not convinced lethality will be put back on the map with these changes. Expect more tweaks in the future.

Lol Patch 7.14 Vision Tweaks

Riot has made some changes to vision granting abilities. An example is that vision will no longer be provided in the cast area around Trundle’s pillar. The hope here is to more clearly define those champions with vision granting ability built intentionally into their kit and remove vision from those that were more accidental.

LoL Patch 7.14 Bug Fixes

Ashe won’t be able to bring down inhibitors quite as fast. Inhibitors will no longer trigger the bonus damage applied by Frost Shot as it has been removed. Sad Queen.

Annivia’s ult was not deactivating when some taunts and fears were applied to her. She shouldn’t be quite as deadly now that’s been resolved. Bad week for people of snow and ice.

LoL patch 7.14 means good news for Twitch. It used to be that if Guardian Angel was triggered while camouflaged he had the potential to be stuck in a visually translucent state. We welcome the deadly rat back to the real world.

Lol Patch 7.14 New Skins

Pool party Fiora, Graves and Lulu are all getting some Chroma love. Will we see them on the rift? It’s summertime and they should liven up their games. Fiora’s sword floaty can now sport rainbow colours.

LoL Patch 7.14  Additional Comments

Glitches in ability queuing impacts a long list of champions. This meant that sometimes rather than performing a desired ability after completing the first, the Champion would resort to auto attacking.

Some champions affected by this are Rek’Sai, Lee Sin, Elise and Ekko. It’s a very small detail but when every last second counts, it can mean the difference between life and death.

Lol Patch 7.14 Summary

This patch was not as extensive as 7.13 but there are some noticeable additions and nerfs that I will be keeping an eye on. I want to see if the Caitlyn nerf is enough to knock her from her top perch with Varus and Ashe. Personally, I like her being up there.

I’d love to see if Bramble Vest makes an appearance in the pros or whether Thornmail remains a Solo Queue only buy. Finally, will Cho’Gath actually make an appearance on the Rift again? Only time will tell, and we’ll see you out there.

Do you agree with our assesment regarding the impact of 7.14 patch on pro scene? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below. We’d love to hear your opinion.

As always, follow us on social media @Esportsranks