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LoL Patch 7.13 Changes That Might Impact Pro Play - Esportsranks
LoL Patch 7.13 Changes That Might Impact Pro Play

LoL Patch 7.13 Overview

LoL patch 7.13 has landed. The patch offers plenty of tweaks to champions and items. Intended to balance things out there are many expected changes but some surprises are hidden in the notes. What changes will have the biggest impact?

LoL Patch 7.13 – The Honor System 

LoL Patch 7.13 Honor System

Courtesy of League of Legends website

The honor system is redundant in pro play but it deserves a mention because it could be a good thing to the League of Legends gaming community as a whole. It does not affect gameplay per se but Riot obviously wants to move the community in a direction which is helpful. It’s now impossible to forget to honor someone.

The honor screen is the first one shown after a game and everyone is given the option to honor another player in one of three categories, Good Game, Great Shot Calling or Stayed Cool. They’ve also tied key fragment drops to a player’s honor level. All of this is intended to make the community more helpful and think about their actions in game. Surely a good thing. I like it.

LoL Patch 7.13 – The Champions

Galio Nerf 

Galio was originally reworked several months back. Since then he’s been a flex pick for support, middle or top game play. He is either played or banned in 94.9% of games. This is an obvious sign that he was buffed too much. The changes are welcome.

Firstly they’ve reduced his base armor from 27 to 24. Secondly they’ve reduced his Q abilities damage significantly, although it will scale better. (0.6 scaling now vs 0.45) This is a big deal because combined with the doran’s rings changes it it should mean he can’t simply stand back and farm while stacking nothing but the rings. It also edges Galio further into the magic resist specialist niche giving attack damage champions an opening.

Will it be enough to take him off the perma pick list? I think so, but time will tell.

Zac Nerf

The change to Zac occurred a couple of days after the main patch hit. Essentially they are reducing the range on the second hit of his Stretching Strike ability. It’s down from 300 to 200.

Zac has an even higher play/ban rate than Galio right now in the pros. His sits at 97%. Will this be enough to remove him? My verdict is that I don’t think so. A lot of his new found power comes from the items he can build in jungle. None of this has been changed.

Kenen Change 

Kennen has mainly been played top, although the EULCS likes to pick him as a bot lane niche adc. These changes in LoL patch 7.13 have scaled his Electrical Surge ability with bonus AD rather than total AD. The item Runann’s Hurricane will also no longer triple the stack rate.

The ability power scaling of Lightning Rush has been ticked up from 0.6 to 0.8 which should encourage more top lane play with an ability power Kenen rather than AD based. The result could be that he isn’t played at all on top lane. Riot’s hope is it keeps him viable in the bottom.

Rek’Sai Buff 

LoL Patch 7.13 Rek'Sai buffs

Courtesy of League of Legends website

Yes, you read that right. Rek’Sai is getting a buff. This is surprising. In fairness, she is only played in just over 7% of pro games and banned in very few. She is played more often in the NALCS.

When she was reworked a few weeks back it took away some of her tankiness and added a lot of damage. This reworking is tweaked so that her ultimate, Void Rush, scaled with 1.85 bonus attack damage. This is up from the earlier 1.6.

I suspect this will mean we see Rek’Sai picked more often. It will make some professional players happy. Dardoch is an avid fan and selects her already. Expect to see more. Is it too much buff though? At this point, I think it makes her ganks more potent but I don’t think it’s overkill, despite her current plague in solo queue.

Gnar Buff

Gnar is one of those champions we used to see frequently in pro play back in 2016. He averaged an appearance in around 30% of games.Since all the changes to the meta he’s dropped off the radar completely. 7 games across all leagues so far this split. So I for one am happy to see a buff.

The Boomerang throw as Mini Gnar now has increased damage and his Mega Gnar Crunch ability has much longer range. This will definitely make him more viable and I expect to him much more frequently. It doesn’t overcome one of the built-in features of Gnar which is a slight unpredictability but that’s always been the case and teams that pick him are familiar with timing team fights around the appearance of Mega Gnar.

Kha’Zix Buff

Courtesy of League Of Legends website

Kha’Zix received a slight nerf to his Q damage, but I think this is more than made up for in other ways. They’ve buffed his isolation damage, increasing it to 65% from 50% and they’ve changed his evolved invisibility.

His invisibility is now 3 seconds after entering the brush. It also lingers for 1.5 seconds. These are slight improvements. Taken together they account for a decent buff. All of this seems aimed at improving his ability to gank and solo fight.

Other Champion Changes

I’ve highlighted what I think are some of the key buffs and nerfs in LoL patch 7.13 but there are others. Changes have come in for Kha’Zix, Kindred, Maokai, Poppy, Shaco, Trundle Xayah and even Rammus.

LoL Patch 7.13 – Jungle Item Changes

The first significant change is to give tank junglers a buff. Trackers Knife, Stalkers Blade and Skirmishers Sabre will provide much better mana regeneration. The premise for this is that tanks don’t do as much damage with their auto attack and need to rely on abilities more.

Giving tanks more mana means more abilities used. More abilities used means more damage. More damage means faster jungle clear.


Cinder Hulk is the go-to item for tanky junglers. Patch 7.13 doesn’t change this but it makes the item do more and makes it cheaper. Junglers can expect to do more damage to monsters with partial builds, be able to build the item quicker and do more damage at full build.

Please note, mana regen and health multipliers are up but base health is decreased slightly. These changes mainly impact jungle play. They won’t cause any increased damage to enemy champions.

Rift Herald

LoL Patch 7.13 Rift Herald

Twitter @DotEsports

The one who kills Rift Herald now makes more gold. Landing the final blow will grant the killer 100 gold rather than 25. This makes a lot of sense to me.

I am not sure why the gold granted was lower for the individual than most other jungle monsters. I know that Rift Herald is a team objective but it takes time to kill. A player soloing the creature should have that time compensated.

LoL Patch 7.13 – Bug Fixes

There’s a whole host of bug fixes in this patch which should make gameplay smoother. Some of them are incredibly minor such as Jinx’s laugh not cutting off, but some of them do a little more than that.

Varus’ ultimate, Chain Or Corruption, now spreads through enemies even when cast at max range. This should have been dealt with a while ago. Hopefully it will make playing the champion more consistent.

LoL Patch 7.13 – Result

The red side Summer Split first three standard bans have consistently been Galio, Cait and Zac. Two of these champions have had significant changes in LoL patch 7.13. I want to see if this patch affects these choices. I don’t see them doing much for Cait but if pro players believe the nerfs to Galio have been significant enough we should see him being banned and played less.

The margins at the professional level are so tight that I expect if Galio drops out of favour it will just mean another champion rises to his formerly prominent position. My hope, however, is that we see more strategic bans against specific players and team compositions.

When Zac is banned out Lee Sin and Elise have long been considered the best jungle picks. I want to see if the changes to Cinderhulk produce more tank options. We’ve seen Jarvan top much more often this split, might he make a flex jungle appearance?

Most patches have unintended results. We can analyze them and commentate on Riot’s intentions but the professional players will adapt and the meta develop. Team composition should change and hopefully the variety of champions played will see an uptick.