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All the Changes Coming - LoL Mid Season Update - Esportsranks
All the Changes Coming – LoL Mid Season Update

The LCS Single Split is over with some exciting moments but now we can finally turn our attention towards the Mid-Season Invitational. The Single Split was filled with a lot of surprises but as always big changes coming in the form of the LoL mid season update. Going by what we’ve seen, this year’s mid-season shake up is going to have a major impact on the meta. Some changes have been expected by some for a long time whereas some changes has taken us by surprise.

LoL Mid Season Update – Changes Coming To Tanks

Some of the most underused tanks are getting some major updates that will hopefully balance out their stats and abilities to boost their chances of being used in pro play. Sejuani and Maokai are the tanks getting the most significant changes that will hopefully even out their use.

A much appreciated change coming to Sejuani is that she will finally be useful even when she has used her ULT. With the LoL mid season update, Permafrost will allow all enemies to deal ice damage – which is something we can see working out rather nicely. If an enemy is stunned by Sejuani and then she attacks them they take major damage. Frost armor and other abilities have gotten a considerable power buff as well.

Maokai was never particularly unique in any regard but that will hopefully change with the LoL mid season update. Maokai has gotten a variety of changes like his sap magic getting a significant buff, but the biggest change comes to his ULT. Nature’s grasp has now become a massive lockdown ability that will root players in one spot stopping them from moving.

New Survival Items

Buying survival items is never fun and in most cases don’t prove very helpful – but sometimes they are necessary. Even though they are necessary there are some items that never fit what you need and many players along with Riot feel the same way. Riot is finally adding more defensive items to the shop which include the Gargoyle Stoneplate and Adaptive Helm.

The Gargoyle Stoneplate adds some extra armor and magic resistance, but the best part is that if there are three enemies nearby the effects are buffed. As for the Adaptive Helm we’re personally excited to see it in action. The Adaptive Helm makes getting hit by the same spell twice a lot less damaging. Its passive ability allows it to nerf the damage caused by the same spell in a time period.

Changes To the Rift Herald

One of the biggest changes that can effect pro games are the changes made to the Rift Herald. After taking down the Rift Herald only one player got a boost in stats. Now you can pick up the Heralds Eye that will provide empowered recall for some time or you can use the Herald Eye to cause the Herald to return to it Rift. The only difference will be that the Rift Herald will be on your side this time. The Rift Herald can’t attack Heroes but can take down minions and even towers which can change the tide of the match.

Other Changes

There are a lot more changes coming with the mid-season update for the Mid-Season Invitational. As more information comes out about the Mid-Season Invitational we will keep you updated.